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Food Bucket List For When You Visit NYC

New York City is known for its statues and iconic landmarks. This fact cannot be disputed. But to the foodies, New York offers much more than state of the art statues, bridges, and museums – it offers great foods that ooze of creativity stemming from the different cultures that have found their way into the city. When you visit NYC, you should and must try out these foods.

Beef Sandwich and Pastrami from Katz Deli

Beef Sandwich and Pastrami from Katz Deli This beef sandwich was created back in the 1880s and is arguably more NY than many inhabitants in the big apple are. One might say it’s probably because the pickles are free or because the meat is cured with great finesse and with no chemical additives, but they all are wrong. It’s all because Katz Deli has great legacy and history and has for years perfected its craft.

Delmonico’s Lobster Newburg

Delmonico’s Lobster Newburg It is a fact that the New York steak is has gotten its publicity and popularity courtesy of Delmonico. But while Delmonico played a major role in having this steak on menus across the globe, you should visit it for its invention – the lobster Newburg (a classic in its own right). Fox magazine, refers to this gourmet dish as the richest lobster there is. It’s made with eggs, cream, butter, sherry, cognac and cayenne pepper. For extravagance and to give it more oomph, it has caviar for topping. Simply put, it is insanely mind blowing. But if you are the kind to believe it when you see it, in this case, taste, be sure to make a reservation while on your New York City vacation to make sure.

Ramen Burger from the great Berg’n

Ramen Burger from the great Berg’n If you have been in the general area of Berg’n booth, you probably have noticed the long line of hungry New York inhabitants curving past the booth itself. One has to wonder what all these adults are doing waiting in such a long line? Is there free food? Well, not quite, but the delicacy awaiting them at the end of the line is well worth the wait. The Ramen Burger commands respect – well-deserved respect. Its flavors, as the long line attests to, are out of this world; heavenly to say the least.

Di Fara’s Pizza

Di Fara’s Pizza All pizzas are not the same. This point becomes evident and crystal clear when you bite on a Di Fara Pizza slice. Whether it is a cherry tomato, square pie or sausage pizza, the pizza from this joint is to die for. All ingredients including the basil taste as though they are right from the garden. Experts prepare the pizzas, giving their all, sweat and blood for slightly over an hour and without a doubt do justice to the history of Di Fara Pizza. The fact that it is slightly difficult to reserve a seat in this restaurant when you visit NYC is proof enough.

Peter Luger’s Steak

Peter Luger’s Steak If there is a feast, steak must be ordered from Peter Luger. Quality steak is crispy on the exterior and soft, tender and juicy on the inside. If you visit NYC for the very first or last time, you just have to eat this sumptuous steak. And while you are at it, have it served with creamed spinach and German potatoes since they too are a delicacy for the angels. Most New Yorkers and those who visit New York have gone on record to state that the prices at Peter Luger are through the roof. But honestly speaking, do we expect anything less for a slice of heaven?

Xi’an Famous Foods – Stewed Pork Noodles

Xi’an Famous Foods – Stewed Pork Noodles If you are into Chinese delicacies, then Xi’an Famous Foods is the destination for you. It is expected, and you probably know this, Chinese restaurants are packed and tend to be a little bit sweaty and that seating extends to the outside. While many might view this as a negative, for Xi’an Famous Foods, this says more about the delicacies it provides than anything else. From the restaurant, you can choose any food of varying spice levels. If you prefer mild or hot, it’s up to your liking. What you, however, should and must have are the stewed pork noodles. They are long and thick, juicy and succulent enough to leave you dying to have more. When you visit NYC, make it a priority to have these foods. The great thing is that many of the attractions in New York City are close to the restaurants offering these delicacies. As a matter of fact, your New York bus tour just might drop you off at the doors of any of these restaurants.