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Secret New York City Attractions That Should Be Famous

New York was not nicknamed as the city that never sleeps for nothing. It literally never goes to sleep. It is never short of excitement and life. After all, it is one of the biggest cities in the world. Many know New York for the statue of liberty. One of many great New York City attractions synonymous with the city itself. But is this all the Big Apple has to offer? Certainly not! Sure visiting NYC, you expect to tour the huge landmarks that make the city what it is. But while you are at it, do not forget to look into the best kept secret New York City attractions.

World Trade Center Sphere – The invincible statue

The World Trade Center Sphere withstood a terror attack The 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks were vicious and horrid. The attacks destroyed a lot of lives. But miraculously, this metallic sculpture erected in front of the twin towers survived. The 27 ft. tall bronze sphere sculpture designed by Fritz Koenig, a German sculptor, acted as a symbol of peace through world trade. But after the 9/11, it was moved to the Battery Park, several meters from its original location to commemorate the fallen. Earlier this year (2016) however, the board of port authority resolved to move it back to Liberty Park.

City Hall Station – The Subway where time stood still

Well, not quite; though it comes close to it. The designers of the station back then went full out on making an impression. But while they put much effort to have a breathtaking design and allure to the station, very few of the passengers actually made to use it. So in 1945, it was closed to the public. Looking at it today, it is like time stood still inside it. Aside from a few renovations, it looks the same – still oozing of beauty and elegance. Gaining access to the subway is the problem. Before you are allowed in, you have to pass a thorough background checks after which you have to wait for some space to free up on the waiting list. It is this long list that makes this time travel of a station feel like a lost, forgotten and secret New York Vacation Site.

Greenacre Park’s Waterfall

Greenacre Park waterfall is a sight to see New York City has large parks that are known the world over. Their popularity has them receiving lots of crowds, making it hard to get some peace and quiet. Great thing the city has some hidden green parks that receive a lot of crowds; not the human kind, but the kind of crowds that can fly and chirp your troubles away. Green Acre Park is exquisite. Its fragrant flowers and mind blowing waterfall are to die for. Yes, you read that right, there is a waterfall in Midtown. The fall measures 25 ft. high and is the center of attraction for all who visit. Even working staff on tea and lunch breaks find playing and letting go in this park irresistible.

Roosevelt Island Hospital

The Roosevelt Hospital nicknamed the Smallpox Hospital Manhattan is an island. It as such comes as a shock to many when they realize there is an island in it. The Roosevelt Island is located between Queens and Manhattan and is two miles long. In the 1970s Roosevelt was the home to a vibrant small and close-knit town. Tucked away on the island is probably one of the spookiest hospitals there is (it is deserted of course). The Renwick Smallpox Hospital was opened back in the mid-1850s only to be abandoned a century later leaving nothing but ghosts behind. The hospital, with a bed capacity of 100 saw about 7,000 patients and close to 450 pass on every year. Doing the math, in the 30 years it was operational as a hospital, more than 13,500 people died from smallpox in this hospital alone. In the year 1886, extra wings were added to the original building and the hospital converted into a training and teaching facility for nurses. In 1973, the Renwick facility had been abandoned and had turned into ruins. It was turned into a historical landmark, and today, persons visiting NYC can explore the ruins illuminated in the dark of the night, walking on pathways surrounding the ruins Many who have visited the ruins before claim to have heard strange noises and even felt as though they are being watched from the shadows. But considering the number of deaths on these grounds, expect to have an experience with the spirits.

The Berlin Wall in Manhattan

Segment of the Berlin wall displayed in New York The Berlin wall in NYC? Yes, that’s not a typo. What’s even more exciting; there are five pieces setup in New York City. In the early years of the 1980s, Thierry Noir, a famous artist set out to make lemonade out of lemons. He took it upon himself to make the otherwise boring and menacing wall colorful and attractive by painting figures and graffiti. Many other artists joined in and the 14 ft. wall turned into a huge canvas that artists all over the world used to speak. In 1989, the Berlin wall was fell, and the remains scattered and sold all over the world. Many were reused as building materials while others, like those standing in New York, were preserved. One of the Berlin wall stands on 520 Madison Avenue. This piece was bought by Jerry Speyer. The five piece historical work of art is today open to viewing 24/7.


Clock Tower in New York City Clocks are simple but fascinating. How many times have you found yourself wondering how clocks are made and how they work? Do they have a timer telling them just when to turn? What time does the clock maker use to make a clock? Well, visiting the Clocktower will have these questions and more, answered. Built back in 1898, it is the largest clock there is. It is made from 5000-pound bronze and is big enough to harbor a gallery. For one of the hidden New York City attractions, it’s pretty cool. Secrets should be kept. But we just cannot allow these New York City attractions to go unnoticed anymore. The city is big, and on your New York City tour, you are bound to come across many surprisingly cool spots the guides didn’t have listed. Have fun while at it and share them with the world eagerly waiting to discover and experience all that NYC has to offer.