The Weirdest And Most Unusual NYC Attractions

New York is the home to the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the biggest kid’s park in the world, and the Empire State building – everyone knows that. But is New York an open book as many would like us to think? Well, not quite. There are New York City attractions hidden in the dark corners of the City’s closet that even proud New Yorkers have no clue about. Beyond the normalcy of New York City, past the common and usual hanging out joints, places of work and play, there lies a lost and mysterious city. Below is a list of these cool yet secret NYC attractions you will never see displayed in New York Tour Packages.

The City Hall Station


The subway system in New York is a masterpiece. It is comprehensive and fast – fast enough to even take you back in time (well at least the City Hall station will). Also one of the amazing NYC attractions, it’s complete with eye-catching architectural details, chandeliers, glass tiles and skylights the station was a slice of heaven. This heaven, however, went to waste seeing that very few commuters made it to this stop. In light of this, in 1945 the majestic station was closed. For over 70 years, time has stood still in this space and now you can have a glimpse of what the 40’s felt like cruising in a train through the station loop. You, however, cannot alight.

Grand Central Terminal Whispers

People walk at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan New York

Grand Central Station is arguably one of the busiest subway stations in the world. It is also one of the most famous NYC attractions located in Manhattan. Now the question is, what is secret and hidden about it? A lot. History has it that Franklin D. Roosevelt and other political VIPs had a secret underground railway that got them to Waldorf Astoria, a luxurious hotel in Midtown Manhattan. But the Whispering Gallery is what piques the interest of many.  Who knew an old busy station could provide for a romantic spot?

The vaulted area which is the gallery is located just outside the Oyster Bar and is partially covered with Guastavino tiles which give it an authentic and desirable look. From the name, you can guess what makes this spot so unique, but its rarity cannot allow you to say it out loud. But we will. Standing at diagonal arches, two persons can talk to each other in whispers. Rumor has it that Charles Mingus the jazz legend proposed to his then girlfriend in this very gallery. The whispering gallery provides a perfect place to murmur sweet nothings to each other. Just be sure not to whisper anything incriminating or what is meant to be a secret – after all, the walls have ears.

Rockefeller Center Gardens

The roof garden of the Rockefeller Center in New York

New York is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Too bad many of them are hidden from sight in skyscrapers. Don’t get it twisted though. A garden hundreds of feet from the ground is breathtaking and perfect for memorable moments. But when it is hidden and closed from public use, that’s just mean.

The Rockefeller Center has five lovely gardens on different buildings in the complex. They were all designed back in the mid-1930s by an insanely creative landscaper, Ralph Hancock. Two or so years later after their design and completion, they were closed. The good news (and why this is a NYC city secret), you can steal a glimpse of three of these gardens from the Rock observation deck or on a New York helicopter tour. You can also experience one of the gardens first hand when you synchronize your NYC visit with an event at the 620 loft at the Rockefeller Center which is connected to a garden on the British Empire Building.

Speaking of which, if you are a fan of Spiderman movies, you have seen this garden up close.

Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex


If you are over 18, you are legible to pay this one of a kind museum a visit. Most museums around the world are dedicated to preserving war artifacts and antiques and pieces of framed paintings that are out of this world. The Museum of Sex, however, as is clear from its name, strays from the norm.

Daniel Gluck opened the Museum of Sex back in 2002 and dedicated it to the preservation and display of evolution and the cultural significance of human sexuality. When Daniel Gluck was opening the museum, he was denied his application as a non-profit on the grounds that Gluck’s idea made a mockery of conventional museums. As such, he sort funding from the porn industry and today it stands tall.

The Museum of Sex touches on the different subcultures and sexual preferences there are including gay and lesbian history, sex work, pornography, and BDSM.  In layman’s language, it was started to stir up conversations about censorship and sexuality.  It houses over 15,000 art pieces. While many of the exhibitions are historical, artistic and scientific, you cannot deny the fact that they are all overwhelmingly fascinating.

Sure the museum has an educational mode of delivery but even then, you cannot deny that the content is explicit for visitors under the age of 18 years hence the age limit.

Theater 80’s Sidewalk – New York’s Walk of Fame

People walk near Theatre 80 at St. Marks Place

We all have had that opportunity to interact with our high school walls, and for some even university walls and write ‘[name] was here.’ At the moment it’s a stupid idea especially when you get caught by the administration doing it. But come back twenty years after and still find your name on the wall, you will be proud. Now imagine the same thing, only done by famous personalities in Hollywood. Incredible right?

In 1971, Howard Otway, an actor opened theater 80 to show Hollywood movies of the 1930s and 1950s, to celebrate the opening, he held an enchanting party and invited famous movie stars and later requested them to leave their signatures, handprints, and footprints in the wet sidewalk cement right outside of the theater.

Some of the big names that signed included; Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, and Myrna. As a result this has become one of the most sought after New York City attractions.

These are our top unusual and weird NYC attractions. The list is long and virtually endless depending on what you are into. The next time you plan a New York Vacation, be sure not to skip these sights in New York.

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