What to Pack for a Central Park Picnic on a Bus Tour in NYC

What to Pack for a Central Park Picnic While on a Bus Tour in NYC

Instead of spending a lot of money to take a cab or rent a car only to face congested streets and the potential of getting lost, you can enjoy a bus tour in NYC to see the most popular destinations, including Central Park. With a New York bus tour, you can leave the driving to someone who knows the city inside and out and save your money for doing other things in the Big Apple. While in Central Park, you and family or friends will have no problem finding the perfect spot for a picnic. However, NYC bus tours are popular. Therefore, the buses can get crowded. With a little bit of planning, you will know what to pack for your picnic.

The Perfect Picnic

Using a large backpack, toss in a small throw blanket to sit on. Also, bring paper plates that lay flat, a few napkins, and plastic eating utensils. As for beverages, use a freezer pack to keep bottled water or juice refreshingly cool. For food, make or order a burrito or bibimbap bowl. Other items perfect for a Central Park picnic include small bags of tortilla chips or pretzels, apples or Asian pears, and granola or power bars. These will give you plenty of energy to stroll through the park. For clean-up, all you need is a small pouch of wet wipes. You will have adequate seating while taking a bus tour in NYC and everything that you need for a picnic in just one backpack.

Hot Picnic Spots

When taking a New York bus tour, you might want to plan where to have your picnic. Although Central Park offers an abundance of options, the following are some of the best.

  • Great Lawn – Located mid-park between 79 and 85 Streets, the Great Lawn offers 55 acres of wide-open space.
  • Sheep Meadow – Designated as one of the “quiet zones” in Central Park, you will find the 15 acres of pasture land situated between W. 66 and 69 Streets an excellent spot for relaxing and having a good conversation.
  • Belvedere Castle – If you want to share a picnic with someone special, Belvedere Castle, which is also mid-park at 79 Street, has a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline and Central Park.