What to Do on the Best NYC Bus Tours

What to Do on the Best NYC Bus Tours

As you start looking for the best NYC bus tours, you will start to realize just how much there is to see and do in the Big Apple. Most attraction packages include at least several types of tours. Even if you go on all of them, you will miss some sights. If you plan your day (or days) correctly, your sightseeing will include more than just the best NYC bus tours. However, that should always be a key part.

See the Famous Attractions

The most important thing to do during your New York sightseeing tours is to enjoy the attractions. You’ll want to appreciate Radio City Music Hall, Times SquareChinatown, and more as you drive by. Remember to pay attention to your tour guide as you go on the best NYC bus tours so you can learn about these landmarks as you see them. Don’t forget to include the Statue of Liberty on your trip as well. You won’t get an amazing view of this statue unless you are on the water. Therefore, you should look for NYC attraction packages that include a cruise to the statue. The best ones will as long as you get a multi-day tour pass.

Get a Feel for the City

While many people think that the most important part of NYC attraction packages is seeing as much as possible, this isn’t always the case. No matter the type of New York sightseeing pass you have, you should take advantage of it to get a general feel for the city. The Big Apple is exciting and filled with adventure. But you won’t get a feel for its personality or the people that live in it if you focus entirely on landmarks. Pay attention to how the buildings flow together, how everything is laid out, and maybe even do a little bit of people watching as you see the sights.

Check Out a Museum or Two

When it comes to viewing New York, you need to balance quantity with quality. Yes, you should see as many things as you have time for. That being said, take advantage of your hop on hop off bus NYC map to spend some extra time at whichever museum interests you the most. Some New York sightseeing tours even include free admission to the Museum of NYC! When you are ready to truly experience New York, contact us to book your NYC attraction packages.