Top 5 Things to Do in NYC if You Love Books

Top 5 Things to Do in NYC if You Love Books

New York City is one of the most literary cities in the country and even in the world. There are some incredible bookstores in the city. However, these are the top 5 things to do in NYC for bookworms. Whether it is a place to find the best books or a one where you can have nice chats with booksellers, New York City has so much to offer.

Bookbook Bookstore

This bookstore might have a weird name, but it’s the coziest bookstore you will find in the West Village. This place is a bookworm’s paradise. It is at 266 Bleecker Street at the intersection with Morton Street. You can easily reach it by getting on a hop on hop off NYC downtown tour. It is a narrow shop with French doors that offers both new and used books with bargain prices. Out of the top 5 things to do in NYC for book lovers, this bookstore definitely tops the list.


This bookstore sells used books. You can find it in Midtown West at 49 West 45th Street. This is the kind of bookstore you will want to visit if you are into Japanese collections such as mangas. The books are already pretty inexpensive, but you will even find a one-dollar book section in the store.


This store offers a French-language selection of literature that no other place in the entire United States can beat. With over 14,000 titles from more than 30 French-speaking countries, Albertine has the largest selection of French literature in the country. The store is on the Upper East Side. You can get there by taking a hop on hop off NYC uptown route.


This volunteer-run bookstore is one that everyone will love. It has books focusing on globalization, race, and gender. It even has a café with vegan and organic items.

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

Into cooking? Then this bookstore, which is at 28 E 2nd Street, will take your breath away. It has a large variety of cookbooks, including some fascinating ones on New York food history. Sometimes, the shop hosts tastings, so with a little bit of luck, you’ll be there on one of those special days.