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Tips on How to Upgrade Your New York Trip

If you are planning an NYC trip and are looking to making it unique and extra special this time around, you are in the right place – we shall help you in your endeavor. While the internet is flooded with tips on how to travel to New York on a tight budget, this piece will be all about enhancing your travel and splurging on New York sites, New York attractions, events and items that will make your trip unforgettable.

Travel in First Class

First spot class on a plane Regardless of whether you will be taking the train or flying, you should travel in style and comfort. Go for a first or business class ticket. Sure the extra space and added service does not come for free but one thing is a guarantee, you will be comfortable and well rested by the time you get to New York. You can start on viewing all the New York attractions on your list as soon as you land. This is a luxury that most travelling in third class cannot afford. You will enjoy rather than survive the trip.

From the Airport, Book a Private Transfer

Book a private transfer from the airport Arriving in a new city can be exciting and at the same time confusing and disorienting, especially if you had to cover long distances to get there. One of the ways you could make your transition into the city an easy one is by having someone wait for you and take you to a pre-booked hotel without having to struggle. For this, you can hire a car service ahead of your arrival instead of waiting on an Uber but expect to pay more to have them pick you up at the airport terminal. They shall have a sign with your name and details on it, and ready to help you with your heavy luggage.

Pick a hotel and a room with a view

As you already might have realized, this is not the cheapest of ways to stay in New York City. However, if this is a special trip and you are looking to make it memorable at any cost, getting a room with a view is mandatory. Speaking of which, there are many hotels with awesome and breath-taking views of New York attractions like the Hudson River, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. There is nothing better like waking up to an awesome view of the sun rising in the horizon with its rays stretching out and across the city and warming every surface it falls on. When you are looking for a hotel with a view, be sure you communicate the same to your travel agent or if you are doing the booking yourself, be attentive to the location of the hotel and the specific room you book. Have a look at the pictures just to be sure.

Take a private and guided tour

New York attractions have a lot to them, they are not only beautiful but have rich and interesting history to them. To learn the history connected to these attractions, you will need to be guided by a professional and one who gives you all the attention. A private guided tour will see to it that you visit New York sites fitting your tastes and will work around the schedule that you have. Also, the beauty of having a private tour is the fact that you will not have to deal with the annoying individuals who just can’t retrain themselves from asking stupid and obvious questions during the tour.

Take a helicopter tour

Take a helicopter tour Experience New York at a new vantage point – from a helicopter. There are several companies that offer helicopter tours of New York attractions.

Attend a Broadway show in person

Broadway show in New York The experience however, of watching a show up close and person and being able to see the rich facial expressions of the actors is priceless. It is not enough to just visit New York, you should if you can afford it, do all you can to make it memorable and like no other. There are lots of things to do, the above are examples to get you thinking on the right track. Lots of New York attractions are awaiting if you follow these tips.