Tips for Saving on Meals on NYC Sightseeing Bus Tours

Tips for Saving on Meals on NYC Sightseeing Bus Tours

With four different routes to pick from when getting an NYC sightseeing bus, you can keep yourself busy in the city from morning until night. There are two hop on hop off NYC bus tours you can pick from. These include the hop on hop off NYC uptown tour and the hop and a hop off NYC downtown tour. Additionally, there are three more non-stop bus tours you can choose from. They are the Brooklyn tour, the Bronx tour, and the night tour. But when you spend that much time on an NYC sightseeing bus, you will quickly get hungry. When it comes to picking your meals, there are many options to choose from. If you want to keep it low-budget, check out these seven low-cost meal options that are located along the hop on hop off NYC downtown and uptown routes.

Downtown Route

At stop six of the tour (Flatiron Building), you will find the Eisenberg Sandwich Shop, a small deli offering a traditional luncheonette menu. The sandwich shop opened its doors back in 1929. It is located at 174 5th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street. Meat isn’t your thing? That’s not a problem. Get off two stops later (stop eight, Washington Square Park), and you get to the Dojo, a vegetarian-friendly restaurant. The restaurant, which is on 14 West 4th Street, offers cheap meals that come in big portions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this place is highly popular among NYU students who study nearby. Try the Soy Burger Sandwich. It’s delicious and comes with chocolate egg cream. At stop 14 (Garment District), you will find Gray’s Papaya, a local hot dog store that is popular among New Yorkers. Its popularity comes from its cheap prices and tasty hot dogs. This grab-and-go store is located at 539 8th Avenue.

Uptown Route

If you like trying out different kinds of food, stop at Azuri café, an Israeli restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. As you make your way on the NYC sightseeing bus, hop off at stop 16 (Theater District). Then, walk over to 465 West 51st Street. This restaurant offers a variety of good foods for a cheap price, including falafels, pita sandwiches, fried cauliflower, bourekas, kebabs, and shawarmas. This restaurant is perfect for both vegetarians and meat lovers. Stop at the Lava Kitchen for some Chinese food at stop 20 (Cathedral of St. John of the Divine). This restaurant is on 2656 Broadway. It offers a variety of cheap Chinese food items, such as spicy noodles, dumplings, bao, and grilled meat skewers. Whenever you purchase a ticket for one of the hop on hop off NYC bus tours, you automatically receive free admission to the Museum of the City of New York. It is located at 1220 5th Ave or stop 23 of the uptown route. But the best is yet to come. With your NYC sightseeing bus ticket, you get a free New York bagel breakfast at the museum. How is that for a meal money-saving deal?