Things to do and Places to be in New York and Still be Warm in the Winter Cold

Things to do and Places to be in New York and Still be Warm in the Winter Cold

New York, New York, New York. Do not let the cold weather keep you from exploring all that the great city has to offer. Fair enough that you have a fridge full of a whole week’s or even month’s beer supply, Netflix and a heated blanket to top it all . But c’mon. You did that last year, don’t let it be your story this year. There are far too many NYC attractions to enjoy and still be as warm as you would be at home on your couch without having to sacrifice on the fun. From movie theaters, to bars, restaurants and cafes with the best hot coffee and chocolate you have ever had. Below is a list we have so graciously compiled to make the shift easy for you. You will not have to kiss frogs before you get your perfect princely hideout – NYC attractions.

The Gallow Green Lodge

People at the Gallow Green Lodge Just because it is the winter season you do not have to hibernate. There is still a lot of fun to go around. As a matter of fact lots of bars in the city have invested in heat lamps for their rooftops and patio spaces. But even with this show of great responsibility to their customers, nothing can possibly beat Gallow Green’s Lodge campfire setup. The setup just has cozy and comfort written all over it. Heck it screams it out loud. The setting comes complete with a fire pit, blankets and a warm canoe seating space. With that and with the added help from your liquor jacket, you will not have any problems staying warm.

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse NYC attractions stir up different feelings in different people. For those taking a New York vacation, however, they are a must visit. They need to be in these New York sites take pictures aside from having mad fun to act and serve as proof and lasting memories. Now, the Alamo Drafthouse may not stir up such feelings for many who are just visiting New York, but it is a great place to hangout especially during the cold season. The establishment offers waited service with every showing that they have. As you enjoy the show, you can order a bowl of popcorn that is larger than your head, some taste bud blowing milk shakes and killer nachos. So catch up on your latest Hollywood series and film without feeling guilty about it for letting the warm sun go to waste. It is after all winter. Just remember, there are some strict rules in the multiplex; no texting no talking.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate The word cozy is synonymous with a hot cup of chocolate. If you didn’t know this, now you know. Good thing is that there is a bottomless supply of hot chocolate all over the city. The best comes from Jacques Torres that whips it with just the right mix of milk powder, dark chocolate and corn starch. If a contest were to be run, they probably, no scratch that, they would win it. I suspect with a humiliating margin from the runner’s up.

230 Fifth

230 Fifth The last place you would want to be during a New York winter is a rooftop bar right? And no one can blame you for this choice. However, what if there was a way you could enjoy the great view from great heights and still be warm? Take a moment and imagine that. Picture igloos on a rooftop bar. With a slight difference, improvement rather – the walls are crystal clear to enjoy the view. 230 Fifth offers this, but only better than you have pictured it just now. Its top deck is partially heated and holds PVC walled igloos (with a capacity of 8 people) on the edges. With this, you can be sure to have ‘zero chills’ as you enjoy the great skylines and sip your whiskey martini.

Bar 54

Bar 54 Even Santa, the lover of the snow knows that there is something to this rooftop bar. It is one of the perfect hideouts during the cold weather. As a matter of fact, it should be added to a list of seasonal NYC attractions. In the bar, you can hang out in spacious bubble igloos. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities and sweat profusely when the air surrounding the bubble is freezing. You will not need to make a reservation though you can make one for a private table. Even better you will have access to all the house’s specials. Clearly, you have no reason to be indoors this winter when there are lots you can get yourself lost in. Have an open mind on your NYC trip and wear warm before you get to these destinations. You might just have to be in NYC attractions that are warmer than the weather around you.