Things to Do in New York City if You’re Athletic

Things to Do in New York City if You’re Athletic

Are you a fan of sports and exercise and are visiting NYC? There are a variety of attractions and activities that you can take advantage of in the city. These will appeal to both young and old. Here are the top two things to do in New York City if you are athletic or just enjoy sports.

Rock Climbing

Going to Brooklyn Boulders is the perfect athletic activity for young and old. This is particularly the case when the weather is bad or if it is raining a lot. By taking a class at Brooklyn Boulders or by getting a one-day pass, you and your family will enjoy a morning or afternoon of climbing on the 30-foot replica of the Brooklyn’s Bridge tower. The rock climbing space has over 22,000 square feet of climbing and bouldering walls. This allows you to stay busy for a very long time. It is one of the best things to do in New York City if you are craving a physical but fun activity. You can find it at 575 DeGraw Street in Brooklyn.

Bike Tour

You can rent a bike and go on a bike ride on your own or purchase a bike tour. There are three bike tours you can choose from: a Brooklyn Bridge Bike tour, a Central Park bike tour, and a New York at Night bike tour. All three of them are excellent ways to see the city. You will bike past a variety of attractions, monuments, movie scenes, and architecture. A Central Park bike tour will bring you around the city’s largest urban park while showing you wildlife, the Wollman Ice Skating Rink, the Carousel, the Plaza Hotel, and other famous areas. The guide will provide you with all kinds of fun and interesting information on the history and culture of the area. A Brooklyn Bridge bike tour is one of the most popular things to do in New York City. It takes you across the Brooklyn Bridge to explore Brooklyn’s famous architectural and cultural legacy. Once in Brooklyn, your guide will also point out the history of the area.