Take an NYC Tour Bus to These Ramen Restaurants

Take an NYC Tour Bus to These Ramen Restaurants

When you visit New York City, you want to try out the things you can’t find in your own city. Ramen may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of NYC food, but it’s not what you’re thinking – no dried packages of noodle here. These ramen restaurants offer fresh ingredients and delicious spices and broths. Take an NYC tour bus to one of these great restaurants.


“Jack” Nakamura started cooking in Japan but now owns a restaurant in New York. His ramen is savory and delicious. The noodles are cooked just right, the broths are spiced and flavored perfectly, and you can choose from numerous flavors. There is something for every taste bud here, and you can even top your ramen with your favorite meat to make your lunch or dinner hearty and satisfying.

Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen offers a variety of noodles. All of them have the perfect texture and work well with your broth of choice. Spicy ramen and garlic ramen are two of the most popular bowls at this hip NYC restaurant. You can even enjoy gluten-free noodles here.


This is one of the city’s most popular ramen restaurants. It’s so good that they opened a second location. Ippudo has been serving delicious ramen bowls in NYC for almost ten years. The house-made noodles are springy and melt in your mouth with their perfectly flavored broths. Choose your own toppings to make your ramen bowl one of a kind.


If you like your ramen with a lot of flavor but not a lot of fuss, Totto is the place for you. You can choose from toppings like chicken, pork, or steak, and you have a lot of options when it comes to the broth too. You just can’t go wrong with any ramen bowl here. If you are planning on going on an NYC tour bus, be sure to see if the bus stops at or near any of these great ramen restaurants. Ramen is a great meal any time of day, and it can help warm you up on a cold day. There are a lot of food options in NYC, but few are as tasty as a great bowl of ramen.