Take an NYC Sightseeing Bus for a Date

Take an NYC Sightseeing Bus for a Date

Taking an NYC sightseeing bus offers you a unique way to see the city. Even better, it is also the perfect activity for a date. The bus offers an intimate setting and the possibility to sit down next to each other and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. An NYC sightseeing bus offers you the possibility to get on and off wherever you please in Manhattan. It also offers a variety of non-stop tours that last for approximately two hours. If you are looking for a good thing to do on a date, here are a couple of reasons why you will love an NYC sightseeing bus.

Hop on and Hop off Wherever You Want

The great thing about taking an NYC sightseeing bus is that there are two hop on hop off tours that are offered. This means that if you want to stop and take your date to lunch, you can totally get off and do so. If you want to then bring your date to a museum or a park, you can hop back on the bus, enjoy the view, and then get off at your specific destination. There is one downtown tour that leaves from Times Square and continues down to lower Manhattan all the way to Battery Park. The other NYC sightseeing bus tour also leaves from Times Square but goes up and around Central Park while driving through parts of Harlem.

Take a Non-Stop Tour

If you’d rather have a relaxing, romantic date, then you should opt for a non-stop NYC sightseeing bus tour. There are three non-stop tours offered. They include the Brooklyn Tour, the Bronx Tour, and the Night Tour. The latter is a great activity to do on a date before or after going to dinner. You will definitely offer your date a night to remember. The Brooklyn tour is also a great tour to take, as it brings you through downtown Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn only to offer you a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.

Other Great Things About the Bus

First of all, when you opt for an NYC sightseeing bus, you get to ride through NYC on a double-decker bus. Pretty cool, right? If the weather is not at its best, then you can go to the first floor of the bus, which is a covered area. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy NYC with your date.