Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures as You Use Your NYC Pass

Take Instagram-Worthy Pictures as You Use Your NYC Pass

If you are looking to take some incredible pictures to post on your Instagram while visiting New York City, take advantage of everything that the NYC pass has to offer. Depending on how long you are staying in the city, you can either take a one-day pass, a two-day pass, or a five-day pass. The NYC pass is the ultimate sightseeing experience. It brings you close to the city’s most famous attractions.

The Different Passes

Depending on your length of stay, there are three main passes you can pick from. The one-day NYC pass includes a hop on hop off uptown and downtown tour, a Brooklyn tour, and a night tour. The latter two are non-stop tours. The two-day and the five-day NYC pass include all four tours. You also get an additional non-stop Bronx tour as well as a Liberty Cruise.

Where to take Instagram-Worthy Pictures

Your NYC pass brings you the most beautiful parks, building, and structures. Here is what you’re going to want to look out for when on your tour. If you take the hop on hop off NYC downtown tour, make sure to get off at the Empire State Building, Battery Park, Times Square, and the World Trade Center. From tall buildings to intense lights and billboards, this tour will allow you to bring back some incredible visual memories for your Instagram. The hop on hop off NYC uptown tour has a few places that allow you to take great pictures as well. These include the beautiful Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Guggenheim Museum. You can get off the bus and visit the museum. Then, take a walk around the park and capture some incredible moments. You can share them with your Instagram community. The Brooklyn tour is a non-stop tour. That means you will have to take your pictures from your seat on top of the double decker bus. This tour comes with your NYC pass regardless of the number of days you pick. Make sure you take some good pictures of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. You can also get shots of the Grand Army Plaza and the Barclays Center. Your guide will point out each individual monument, building, and stop. Then, you won’t miss anything you need to capture. A night tour also comes with each of the NYC passes. You will ride the double decker bus around the city after the sun sets. This will offer you an entirely different perspective. Make sure to set your camera on night mode or to put your flash on. The tour will bring you from Times Square past the Empire State Building all the way into Brooklyn. It will then offer you a unique view of the Manhattan skyline at night.