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Sightseeing NYC When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

If you are sightseeing NYC but are feeling under the weather, there are still a couple of things you can do in the city to get the most out of your day. Here are three activities you can do that are easy and relaxing.

Take a Bus Tour

If you don’t feel well, you may not want to walk around much. But luckily, if you are sightseeing NYC, you don’t have to walk at all. Take one of the many available bus tours. There are three non-stop tours that you can find in New York City. Two hop on hop off tours will take you to Manhattan. With a one or multi-day pass, you can pick between several tours. Check out a hop on hop off uptown tour, a hop on hop off downtown tour, or a Brooklyn Tour. You can also take a Bronx tour or a night tour. Tours will offer you an excellent sightseeing NYC experience that will include a mix of architecture, culture, history, and beauty.

Catch a Broadway Show

Once you end your bus tour, go to Broadway and watch one of the many available shows. You can see popular shows there, like “The Lion King,” “Wicked,” and “The Book of Mormon.” By watching a Broadway show, you will allow your body and mind to rest while still doing something entertaining.

Central Park

If you’re sightseeing NYC but you’re feeling under the weather, taking a walk in Central Park might a good idea. One of the best places to go in NYC if you are trying to avoid large groups of people is Central Park. It is a huge urban park. You can find it in Manhattan. This gigantic 843-acre park is between Upper East Side and Upper West Side Manhattan and between 59th Street and 110th Street. It was established in 1857 and offers a large number of attractions. These include the Belvedere Castle, Central Park Zoo, Turtle Pond, the Carousel, and Conservatory Garden.