Where to See a Sunset During Your NYC Bus Tours

Where to See a Sunset During Your NYC Bus Tours

Everyone needs a break from their daily routine from time to time. Vacations can reinvigorate the mind and relax the body. When you decide it’s time for a getaway, choose New York City. This spectacular city offers much to any tourist. NYC bus tours are some of the best ways to see the best sights and hear all the wonderful sounds of the city. Plus, when you take these tours in the evening, you can the brilliant sunset as well. New York boasts numerous ideal spots to catch the final moments of the sun’s daily departure.

Brooklyn Bridge

If you want some amazing views of various sunset spots, the Brooklyn Bridge might be the best place to visit on your NYC bus tours. Not only can you see the gorgeous sunset behind of the Statue of Liberty, but from the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see a perfect sunset view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. Those in and of themselves are awesome picture-taking opportunities that tourists love.

Empire State Building

Want more than a ground view of the sunset in NYC? In a city like this, there are plenty of chances to climb above ground and see a commanding view of the setting sun. The historic Empire State Building boasts tremendous views of the city as well as of the amazing sunset. From here, you get a panoramic look of the area that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Be aware, however, that you’ll have to pay to get to the top of this building. Get your tickets ahead of time and save yourself some hassle.

Rockefeller Center

Some locals and tourists think this option is even better than the Empire State Building. Book some NYC bus tours that take you by this famous building. Then, get to the top and enjoy a special few moments with the breathtaking sunset. Not only does this location provide great views, but you can hang around as long as you’d like and enjoy the experience a little longer. You can combine your sunset-watching with a grand view of the phenomenal New York lights and skyline. Just make sure you get there early enough so you have a good spot.   NYC bus tours can get you close to a number of fantastic places. But perhaps nothing is as amazing as watching the sunset in this gorgeous city. Take that special someone or a group of friends to one of these spots and enjoy this picturesque scene.