Safety Tips for Your Kids on a New York Sightseeing Bus

Keep Your Kids Safe on a New York Sightseeing Bus with These Tips

Traveling through the city on an open-air New York sightseeing bus is a fun way to see as much as possible. Hop on hop off bus tours combine city transportation with sightseeing. This makes them a perfect way to cover as much ground as possible. These buses travel pre-determined routes and stop at checkpoints throughout the city. Each bus is typically a double decker with a knowledgeable tour guide on board. He or she will spout interesting facts about various landmarks as you cruise by. While these tours are great fun, the Big Apple is notoriously fast-paced. These bus tours are no exception. If you’re traveling with your family, you’ll want to take extra precautions. Follow these tips to keep your trip safe and free of any incidents.

Plan Ahead

Sit down with your crew and decide what everyone wants to see and do for the day. Grab a hop on hop of NYC bus map and mark the spots that everyone agrees on. Pick a line that visits most of them. Then, plan out any route changes you may take throughout the day. Let everyone know the game plan. That way, they can familiarize themselves with it. The crowd of people trying to get on and off the bus at each stop can make for a hectic scene. By keeping your kids aware of the game plan, you’ll ensure they know when and where they should expect to get off the bus.

Know Your Route

Give each of your children their own New York sightseeing bus map. Explain the different points on the map and what each symbol means. Let them familiarize themselves with your route for the day. Then, have them mark out your stops. You don’t want to lose them while everybody is getting on and off the bus. Discuss with your kids what actions they should take if they lose the rest of the group. Instruct them to take a look at their maps and get off at the next planned stop until you arrive on the next bus.

Give out Important Information

Be sure your children have the information for your hotel as well as contact info for the tour company. Before you leave for the day, tell them how to contact the hotel or tour company in the off chance they lose the rest of the group. Then, they won’t have problems finding you.