Why I Will Always Remember My New York Double Decker Bus Tour

Why I Will Always Remember My New York Double Decker Bus Tour

No matter if you are visiting San Francisco, Miami, or New York for the first time, it is a pretty good practice to find some type of citywide tour to better familiarize yourself with the area. On my first trip to New York, double decker bus tours were the way to go, especially since we’ve used them before when visiting other large cities like San Fran. Most of them last a couple hours and end with you coming out ahead a double decker bus pass to use for the remainder of the day, which is always a huge plus. This time around though, my wonderful experiences from the past, were challenged in what turned out to be one heck of an amazing New York double decker bus tour. While there are some boring parts, I figured I’d bounce around and give you the highlights of my New York double decker bus tour and what makes my experience better than yours. Cram in Savings on a New York Double Decker Bus Tour

Budgeting Works and It’s Not That Bad

Finding a New York double decker bus tour is fairly simple, as the city is crawling with touring opportunities and options. I knew my budget and had already looked into a few different options during my flight. Most seemed to have reasonable prices and I typically like to go for ones in the middle. I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for and with service oriented activities, this usually holds true. The trip was last minute, and I didn’t have a strong budget for travel and leisure, so I would have to opt for a cheaper service. Review after review, the internet is the worst for research. You can find anything you want to back up any argument you want and someone to back that one up too. After asking around, I was pointed to GoNYTours. I searched and came back with results flashing for online only deals. Thinking to myself, well here goes nothing. It turns out they offer killer discounts if you book online instead of just walking in off the street. Booking online saved me over half on the total price and that was even after I threw in the Liberty option for the ferry. What a sunburn from a New York double decker bus tour could look like

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Like I said. This was a spur of the moment trip, so I may have been slightly under packed for someone who would be out in the sun all day. My New York double decker bus tour ticket had me on the 2nd deck. Perfect! I enjoy the top because I can usually get better pictures and I love the open air of the top section. I found my seat and got comfortable. Fast-forward and now my tour is over, I have already taken the Liberty cruise and rode a second New York double decker bus tour into a different part of town. Then it hit me. Not one time did I think to apply sunscreen during my extended stay in the sun. Unfortunately, being lobster red was only part of it. Tanned Around Sunglasses on New York double decker bus tour

Tan Lines are Too Cool for Sunglasses

I did forget sunscreen, but I certainly did not forget my shades. You had better believe I had these babies on the entire time. You can only imagine what it looked like when I took them off. One of the most embarrassing tan lines I have ever had. I am talking weeks of fake tans until my color returned to normal. Either way, I still felt a huge sense of fulfillment and I enjoyed every minute of my New York double decker bus tour. Even with unsightly tan lines, the people I met and the sights I saw made up for any discomforts of poor planning on my part.