A Quick New York City Travel Guide

A Quick New York City Travel Guide

New York City receives more tourism than any other city in the United States, bringing in millions of people every year. Whether it’s for work, family, or a much needed vacation, a trip to New York City is no simple affair, especially if you’re from a small town and not used to the fast pace of a big city. To make it all a little bit easier, here’s a quick guide for those planning to travel to New York City!

Be Thoughtful When Packing

packing-tips_1200x675 Unless you live fairly close to the city, it’s crucial that you find out what the weather will be like in New York City while you’re there and pack accordingly. It’s typically hotter than most places near it. The “Concrete Jungle” carries a lot of heat, but it can definitely get cold, especially near the holiday seasons. It all varies quite a bit, so the best thing to do is put in the research. Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in, because you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Driving your own car in New York City is a real hassle, so subways, NYC hop on hop off tours, and your legs are going to be your main mode of transportation in most cases. Bring nice clothes! The New York City nightlife is thriving, but most clubs have a specific dress code and so do fine dining venues. For the ladies, high heels and a cute dress should be sufficient, and for the gentlemen, solid button up shirts, dress pants, and blazers should serve you well.

Plan Your Days Well

NYC Sightseeing Write down the places you want to visit most before your departure, and don’t go to them all on the first day. Many of the NYC attractions are spread out across the city, and if you plan to go to them all, you’ll be wasting a lot of time on travel. Instead, consider researching and finding places that interest you near the landmarks you wish to visit, and dedicate a day to the area! There’s so much more to this constantly changing city than the big name landmarks, and enjoying a little bit of adventuring will be the best way to make the most of your time. Utilize the NYC hop on hop off tours which are double decker bus tours throughout the city. These will make your experience so much more convenient and enjoyable. These traverse most of the city, so transportation won’t be a huge concern. On top of that, you can get interesting tour guide information on the surrounding areas while you wait to arrive at your next location! Utilize your Google maps app when exploring the area, and consider downloading a subway app. These will simplify your travel throughout he city a lot! Pro tip: Google maps allows you to download map areas! Do this, and save a fortune on data usage.

Book Everything in Advance

nyc hop on hop off tours tickets These are only a few tips for your next trip to New York City! There is endless advice out there, and if we were to disclose all of it, this article would be much longer. We encourage you to do additional research, but if you follow these guidelines, you’ll do fine! Good luck, and have fun!