Places To Spot A Celebrity While On A New York Vacation  

Places To Spot A Celebrity While On A New York Vacation  

Sure having paparazzi trail you everywhere is fun. Celebrities, however, having gotten past the hype of it all just want to live life under the radar. As fun as it is to be famous, they just want to have a private life. New York, with all that it has going on, offers the big names in the industry this opportunity to stay under the radar. It is only in New York City that Madonna uses the subway without everyone going out on a frenzy wanting to touch her or Jessica Parker can take her kids to school without being stopped every two steps by her loyal fans. But while New Yorkers let these celebrities be, it does not mean that visitors don’t enjoy spotting them – even when they play it too cool. Here are top spots to add to your New York vacation list for celebrity sightings.

The Spotted Pig

spotted-pig-restaurant-is-a-good-place-to-spot-celebrities Celebrities, regardless of the high pedestal that we place them on are human to the core. They have urges just like we do and enjoy good food. As such they just cannot resist a restaurant offering great tasting cuisine. The Spotted Pig is one such restaurant in New York City. Celebrities, the likes of Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift and Anna Wintour have been spotted having the time of their lives in this NYC restaurant. The Spotted Pig, a top restaurant in NYC serves a perfect blend of Italian and British cuisine using locally available ingredients. While the restaurant claims not to accept reservations, you just do not expect that they will leave a celebrity waiting in line along with everyone else.

The Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel in Meatpacking District Take NY tours to the Meatpacking District, and you are more than certain to spot a celebrity, especially if it is during the NYFW award season or any special event bound to bring celebrities together. While in this part of New York, celebrities prefer to stay at The Standard Hotel. You might not know it, but it has earned its place in the hearts of many celebrities and top grossing individuals in New York. Towering over a formerly elevated train track, the hotel features great amenities that attract celebrities, much like the way flowers draw in bees. Its window walls provide a perfect view of the city and the Hudson River. The décor in the room is simple yet modern with Flat screen TVs, rain showers, and free Wi-Fi to complement the view. While on your New York vacation, feel free to book a room in this hotel and brush shoulders with personalities many can only dream of meeting.


modelfit-a-secret-fitness-spot-for-celebrities-in-new-york-city Being a celebrity with a great body does not come easy. If anything, the celebrity part is easier to achieve than the great body. To get a body that will have men breaking necks on the streets and fellow ladies green with envy, one has to work out. Celebrities are, however, like with everything else in their lives, critical with whom they entrust this part of their life to and where they do it from. In New York, ModelFit is the go to fitness studio for many celebrities. People say it’s the gym for model and mortals (as though models are mortal too). Top celebrities and models like Anna Hathaway, Irina Shayk, Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss have sculpted their lean physiques in ModelFit under the instruction of Justin Gelband. On your NYC day trips, book a session and work out alongside supermodels in the industry.

1 Oak

1-oak-nightclub-in-new-york-city Everyone, especially those celebrities you hold very dear love to party. And New York has just the place for it – 1 Oak. The likes of Jay-Z are known to party in this night club not to mention Lily Aldridge, Alicia Keys, Jamie Chung and Olivia Munn. And the best part is that they never wait for weekends to hit the clubs. As a matter of fact, many, knowing how night clubs get flooded during the weekends, keep off. To have the highlight of your New York vacation, include the 1 Oak in your NYC night tour. You should, however, be ready to go with the flow. It is as they say, while in Rome, do as the Romans do. So be prepared to show skin and have lots, and I mean LOTS of make-up. The lighting will drown your mild makeup. Celebrities love their privacy, and we love to invade regardless. But so that everyone wins, throw in a couple of these New York City attractions and sites on your list of things to do in NYC.