Places to Go in NYC That Offer Reduced Student Prices

Places to Go in NYC That Offer Reduced Student Prices

Being a college student might mean a lot of student loans and late study sessions, but it does have its perks. In New York City, there are many places that offer special discounts and reduced pricing for students. If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, it is important to know the places to go in NYC to get these deals and discounts.

Places to Go in NYC: Museums

There are a lot of museums in NYC, and many of them offering student pricing and discounts. The 9/11 Museum and the Museum of Natural History are just two of them. Some museums may require you to show your student ID when you purchase the tickets. Others may allow you to order your tickets online before you go. If you are curious about whether or not a museum has student pricing, don’t be afraid to ask.


If you love plays and live shows, you don’t want to miss a trip to a New York City theater. You can find many theaters that offer student pricing, discounts, or specials for students on certain days of the week. Each theater is different, so be sure to research your favorites before you go to find out if they have any deals for students that could help you save money. Go ahead and enjoy a show knowing you saved some money on the tickets.

Public Transportation

Some types of public transportation like the bus offer student discounts. You may need to buy a student pass and display your ID to get such pricing, but it could be worth it if you need to get around NYC at an affordable price. Some types of public transportation will advertise student rates and discounts, and others won’t share them unless you ask about them. If you are a student visiting NYC, it’s important to know how and where you can save money. Being a student is hard work, and you need to make your money stretch as far as possible. Knowing the places to go in NYC to get good deals and special pricing can help you experience everything the city has to offer without spending too much money. That’s money that could be put toward school supplies, student loans, or buying something from the campus store. Be sure to check out some of the places above for the best deals and discounts in NYC during your next visit.