Places To Eat In Times Square

Places To Eat In Times Square

When you think of Times Square, you inevitably think of the bright lights and billboards, along with the massive amounts of shops which line the street.  No matter the time of day, the sidewalks are filled with people who are frolicking along the sidewalks, all in an effort to capture themselves in the best selfie picture possible.  It’s highly possible for you to spend a majority of your day within the Times Square district, and due to this, you might need to find a spot to eat.

Although this area of New York is not known for its restaurants, there are some nice and diverse places to visit to grab a bite to eat, so you don’t feel as if you have to travel a mile or more out of the area to get something good to eat.  With that said, here are some places to eat in Times Square.



places to eat in times square: toloache

Nearby Tour Stop – Stop 6 along Blue Route (Times Square)

There are three different locations for this Mexican restaurant throughout New York City, including this one which is found in Times Square.  Their menus offer you a wide variety of Mexican food, including a diverse selection of tacos and platters, where you can choose between chicken and beef.   They also have a menu specifically for those who are vegetarian.  They also have a good mixture of alcoholic drinks to choose from.  A great restaurant and setting for those who are looking for a quick stop with a date, or for those who have kids, you can be assured you will find a good meal for everyone within your party.


Shake Shack Times Square

places to eat in times square: shake shack

Nearby Tour Stop – Stop 6 along Blue Route (Times Square)

The Shake Shack is a famous and iconic restaurant within New York City with multiple locations across the city, and this location within Times Square does not disappoint.  With large windows along the front of the restaurant, you can still pay attention to everything and everyone going by outside while still enjoying one of the best burgers in the city.  If you are not in burgers, no worries, as they have chicken options, along with hot dogs and even treats for your dog.  If you are looking for just a dessert, then this is the place for you, as their large assortment of shakes, concretes and custards will sure hit the spot.  If you are looking for a quick stop for lunch or dinner, then the Shake Shack is your place.


Sake Bar Hagi

places to eat in times square: sake bar hagi

Nearby Tour Stop – Stop 6 along Blue Route (Times Square)

For those who want to experience some diverse food for a reasonable price while visiting Times Square is this Japanese restaurant.  This restaurant has almost every Japanese dish you can imagine, while providing the highest quality of sushi and bar options you can find within this area.  You can enjoy just a dinner, or you can add in specialty appetizers and desserts to your meal.   They also offer a good assortment of mixed drinks for you to enjoy with your meal.


The Little Beet

little beet

Nearby Tour Stop – Stop 6 along Blue Route (Times Square)

With a few open restaurants within New York City, this location within Time Square offers you the best of their menu while giving you a healthier option while visiting the city.  Their goal is very simple – To serve real food deliciously.  All of their meals are made from natural, seasonal and local foods, which means you know there are not any extra preservatives or additives within their foods, and all of their choices are gluten-free.  They also offer options which are Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Vegan and Nut-Free, so you should be able to find a very healthy option for anyone within your party.


If you thought you could only spend a couple of hours within Times Square because of the lack of food options, you should fear no more.  There are plenty of great places to eat in Times Square, all with a diverse menu for anyone within your party to enjoy.

Once you have visited one of these restaurants, or any others, feel free to leave some feedback about your experience, so we can share that with others.