NYC’s Best Nightclubs and A Few Tips On How To Get In

NYC’s Best Nightclubs and A Few Tips On How To Get In

New York City is a haven for all kinds of people around the world. It could be the fame of the place, the fact that it’s the dwelling place of stars and celebrities, or it could be the vibrant culture, but almost everyone feels at least slightly drawn to it. There are so many reasons to go, whether it’s for the theater, the art, or the food. If you’re a young adult (21+) visiting NYC, chances are that you came to party, and we have what you’re looking for. New York City is truly the city that never sleeps, and the sun going down only means that your adventure has just started.Clubbing is one of the best things to do in New York, and the nightclub scene is alive and well, flourishing in fact. This can make finding somewhere to have some fun a little overwhelming, which is why we’ve created this list of the best nightclubs in NYC.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

For those new to the nightclub scene, this is a great place to start. This isn’t some pretentious joint for the elite. This is a youthful place of festivities and celebration. There’s no list or bouncer, there are drinks as far as the eye can see, and best of all, there’s great music all the time. New and talented DJs are featured regularly, meaning every night will be one with unique, quality music.


This club is hailed by many as the savior of the New York City club scene, and we feel that you’ll agree. This one checks all the right boxes with its fantastic venues and ease of access. Output is open to everyone. Rave the night away with the DJ or relax on the rooftop sipping drinks with friends. However you want to spend your Saturday night, you should be spending it at Output. Cielo  Cielo is a dance club in the meat packing district with some serious reputation. It’s a local favorite and the perfect place to party the night away. Make no mistake, this place will undoubtedly be packed, but if you’re browsing the NYC nightclubs that should be expected. Cielo, unlike our last two clubs, has bouncers. The more popular a club becomes, the more exclusivity becomes a necessity. Be sure to wear your most stylish dancing shoes, a tight t-shirt,  skinny jeans, and maybe a leather jacket. Keep your wardrobe within or close to those confines, and you should be fine. Cielo is highly recommended and a guaranteed good time. In fact, of all the place to go and things to do in NYC, Cielo is one of our favorites. It’s a truly premium experience that you can only find in New York. These are a few the best nightclubs in New York. There are a lot of them, and most come and go within a matter of months, sometimes even weeks. Clubbing is awesome when visiting NYC, and if you’re looking for things to do in NYC, give it a whirl! This list represents those that are tried and true, but also friendly and enjoyable. If you’re young and in NYC looking for a great time, give them a try!