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NYC Sites from Your Favorite TV Shows

When visiting the city, it’s possible certain attractions may bring back memories of your favorite TV series. New York City serves as the backdrop for many popular TV shows, and it’s always fun to see those places in person. Here are a few NYC sites to check out while you’re in town, that you’ve probably seen in your favorite TV shows.


monica apartment grove and bedford tv nyc sites You can see the iconic apartment building where Monica lived by making your way to the corner of Grove and Bedford. The actual address of the apartment building is 90 Bedford St. The building was only used for exterior shots, but it is still a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to visit.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother mcgees maclarens pub tv nyc sites MacLaren’s, the bar where the 5 main characters spend most of their spare time, is based on a real NYC pub. Head to 240 W. 55th Street, and you’ll find McGee’s. The pub now hosts HIMYM trivia nights, and you’ll find a variety of menu items named after scenes from the show.

Gossip Girl

gossip girl new york palace hotel tv nyc sites There are many real-life sites in NYC to visit if you were a fan of the series Gossip Girl. Visitors can start by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where Serena, Blair, and friends had lunch on the steps every day. You can also stop by The Palace Hotel, where Serena and her family lived. The courtyard is just as grand in person as it looks in the show. Or you could visit the Empire Hotel, Chuck Bass’ home and business, and have a drink at the rooftop bar. Locations: The Metropolitan Museum of Art – 1000 5th Ave. The Palace Hotel – 455 Madison Ave. Empire Hotel – 44 W 63rd St.

Sex and the City

sex and the city magnolias bakery tv nyc sites Carrie’s brownstone is a must-visit for any Sex and the City fan. So many important scenes took place on the steps outside her apartment, making it one of the most iconic locations for the whole series. You can also visit Magnolia’s Bakery, where the ladies would often meet for a sweet treat and catching up on life’s most recent gossip. Don’t miss the chance to see Carrie and Big’s apartment building, when he makes a grand gesture of telling her he’s already purchased it and has big plans for making the closet of her dreams. Locations: Carrie’s Apartment – 66 Perry St. Magnolia’s Bakery – 401 Bleecker St. Carrie and Big’s Apartment – 1010 5th Ave.