NYC Sightseeing Tips for When You Have a Hangover

NYC Sightseeing Tips for When You Have a Hangover

No trip to New York City is complete without a good night out. But this shouldn’t ruin your NYC sightseeing experience. There are a lot of activities you could do in the city when you are hungover. If you want to go on an NYC sightseeing tour, make sure to avoid heavy crowds. Doing a relaxing activity will definitely be a better option. Luckily, there are a variety of things you can do in New York City that don’t require too much physical activity or focus.

Broadway Shows

If you are hungover and still want to have a good NYC sightseeing experience, you can catch a Broadway show. There are a lot of shows every night in different theaters and at different prices. Therefore, there will be something for your taste. Some of the most popular shows at the moment are “The Lion King,” “Chicago,” and “The Book of Mormon.” You can also check out “Hamilton,” “School of Rock,” “Wicked,” “Aladdin,” and more. The best thing about watching a Broadway show is that you can just buy a ticket on the same day of the show. Then, you take a seat, relax, have a light snack, and enjoy the show. You won’t have to move or do something that will make you feel sick, so it’s definitely an activity you should consider if you are hungover on your NYC sightseeing trip.

Central Park

If you are trying to avoid large crowds, this immense 843-acre park is probably the best place you can go to. It has plenty of open green space. The park is the perfect place to go in order to just relax and breathe. You can definitely do a lot of NYC sightseeing in the park, as it offers a variety of attractions. The is right between the Upper East and Upper West Side, so it should be pretty easy to access.