See Manhattan From a NYC Boat Tour

See Manhattan From a NYC Boat Tour

Brooklyn Bridge a view from the FDR Drive in Manhattan

While most tourists will take the time to walk around Manhattan, not everyone will bother to go on NYC boat tours, and they are truly missing out. This is the best way to get a view of the Statue of Liberty and gives you a different view of some of the other amazing attractions. Boat tours give you entry from either end, so you can get on and off the boat instead of having to stay on it for the entire time, and you can get closer to certain attractions.

New York Harbor

The harbor itself is the biggest attraction you will find on NYC boat tours, as all the attractions combine to create a truly entrancing space and picturesque view. Since your tour will take you to and from the harbor, you will be passing everything twice, giving you multiple angles to enjoy the view.

Statue of Liberty

If you were to narrow down the attractions to the one tourists and locals are most excited to see on NYC boat tours, it would certainly be the Statue of Liberty. French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi designed this iconic structure. It is named after Gustave Eifel, who built this gift from France to the USA. Lady Liberty is made from copper and has become a symbol of the country.

Battery Park

Battery Park is closely related to defense and received its name due to artillery batteries that sat there when New York City was young as a way to protect the settlement. If you look closely, you will catch a glimpse of the fort made to defend the city from the British during the War of 1812.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is another icon that you will be tempted to photograph from multiple angles. The bridge is in the suspension and cable-stayed style and among the oldest bridges in the country of either type. It crosses the East River, linking Brooklyn to Manhattan, and was finished in 1883.

Manhattan Bridge

Another famous bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, is also easy to spot on NYC boat tours. This is where buses, subways, cars, and bikes all cross, so you know that it is incredibly sturdy.

South Street Seaport

This historic area contains a portion of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan, including the heaviest concentration of 19th century commercial buildings that have been restored.

World Trade Center

The rebuilt World Trade Center complex’s main building in Lower Manhattan is frequently visible from NYC boat tours, as well. This new skyscraper soars 1,776 feet tall, deliberately referencing when our founders signed the Declaration of Independence.

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