NYC Christmas Parties you Should Definitely Attend

NYC Christmas Parties you Should Definitely Attend

Taking a NYC trip does not mean that you do not want to party this Christmas. If anything, it might signify that you want to party all the more. With all the New York sites and parties, you are more than sorted. New York is buzzing with life every single night. The rooftops of popular New York attractions are filled with tourists taking in a spectacular view of the city with car lights flashing down below making the city look like a painting by a great and talented painter. This Christmas, aside from enjoying breath-taking Christmas window displays like you probably did last year, change things up a bit – party. Here are some top grossing parties to enjoy on your New York Vacation.

No office holiday party

No office holiday party No office means, no work, no work means no responsibility which equals to a party that is off the hook, but do not let the name keep you from attending, everyone, even those working in offices are invited to this annual bash (the sixth since it was started). In this party, you will get an opportunity to sing your heart out to a live band, professional sounding and looking. Get lost in the karaoke without worrying that the boss will catch you slacking or have him judge you for your likes and preferences. If you are into kinkier activities, you could grind up to a total stranger without worrying that you will ever meet in the elevator or in a business meeting again. The party comes complete with a Santa as well as Santa ladies for the guys, who would like to get their groove on. Not to mention a photo booth where you can document your best night ever. The photo could also, at a later point in time serve as evidence to your friends why you ended upon Santa’s naughty list. It goes down at Littlefield, Gowanus on the 9th of December

The Xmas Pop Sing Along

The Xmas Pop Sing Along We all love singing along to Christmas carols. It is just a thing that the Christmas holidays come with. The police however hate it when we sing the holiday special songs while drunk on the streets. They kill the holiday spirit and mood totally. Luckily, the Xmas Pop sing along is available. While gobbling down some milk and cookies, you can sing along to your favorite hits from Mariah Carey, the Jackson 5 and Bing Crosby. No police will trail you or spoil your fun. Adding to the already mind blowing sing along, there will be competitions for the worst holiday sweater and best Santa costume. So you either get it right with the Santa costume or endeavor to be a disaster with the Christmas sweater. The many bad decisions made will have you laughing all night. And even if you don’t win, you will have added some years to your life with the laughter you let out. To win the ultimate prize of the naughtiest individual however, you will need to chug some few cocktails for courage. Visiting your favorite New York attractions have nothing on this party. Get yourself to Union Hall on 9th December 2016 if you can.

The Yule Ball

Food and refreshments at the Yule Ball This is a formal dance that is held on Christmas Eve. It is more of a tradition than anything else. At Hogwarts, the Ball was held in 1994 and only 4th year students were allowed to attend. Though if a senior student invited a junior to attend they could. Now you don’t expect it to be all that traditional, in fact, the Yule Ball we are talking about is a parody. A less serious and insanely fun holiday bash that is hosted by a Harry potter parody band and the potters. They enact the real deal. You should expect to see a lot of humor from Ashley Hamel, a singer and Song writer, and the potter puppet pals. While attending this event, dress in your finest cloak and bring the magic with you. Bell House is the Venue Where everything will be going down on the 15th of December 2016.

Bush wick’s Anti-Christmas Party

Bush wick’s Anti-Christmas Party If you are the kind who get more Goosebumps, the good kind from Satan than from Santa, then this bash will do it for you. Join the team and have a little bit of extra liquor and spice added to your holiday mix. You surely will not get the kind of rush you are looking for staring at New York city sights no matter how perfect they are. There is a twist to this party that no other can match an evil that is so exciting and enticing. It is hosted by the Spiritual specialty store Catland Books and the metaphysical boutique. The event will kick off with music – live music from Espejismo and other great artists. In between having your pics taken on the lap of Krampus have a glass of cider (hexed) and have a blast. On 16th of December Catland will be the place to be for this show. New York attractions truth be told can only wish they can come close to what these parties have to offer you. The fact that they are happening once during this holiday makes them all so special. Be part of the few who have that experience. The New York attractions will be there come morning for you to enjoy.