Get the Best Look at the Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty

NYC Boat Tours: Get the Best Look at the Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty, and Other Famous Sights

Brooklyn bridge and WTC Freedom tower at night, New York There are many ways to see the amazing attractions that New York City has to offer. However, not all are equal. You will get magnificent views of some sights from the land on a bus tour or even just walking around. Other attractions are best seen from NYC boat tours. With a boat tour, you will get a unique view of some of the key landmarks. In addition, you don’t have to deal with heavy traffic. When checking out the following attractions, a boat tour is the best choice.

Statue of Liberty

The biggest attraction you will see during NYC boat tours – and the reason most people choose to take one – is the Statue of Liberty. Yes, several spots from the shore give you a reasonable view. However, there is nothing like seeing Lady Liberty up close and personal from the water. This is how the statue was meant to be viewed when the French gave it to the U.S. The Statue of Liberty greeted visitors to the country as they arrived in New York. Only by viewing it from the water can you get an idea of what it felt like to be greeted by this impressive monument.

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

Two other impressive sights that NYC boat tours give you a unique perspective of are the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. You should definitely make it a point to drive over these structures. However, a boat tour is the only way to actually understand their size and get a view of what they look like in their entirety. With a boat tour, you will be perfectly positioned to see the bridges spanning in front of you while you look at them head on. There is no need to limit yourself to an odd diagonal view from the land that distorts your view. Without a doubt, viewing the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges from a boat is the only way to get that picture-perfect mental image and the ideal photograph.

World Trade Center

During NYC boat tours, you will also get the chance to see the rebuilt World Trade Center, specifically its main building. It sits within Lower Manhattan and towers 1,776 feet above the ground, a height chosen specifically to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. If you have the time, you should definitely see this building up close from the ground. This will let you get a feel for its architecture in more detail. However, the more important view comes from your boat tour. This viewing angle allows you to not only admire the skyscraper but also see how it fits into the skyline. For the chance to see these and other attractions like you never have before, schedule your NYC boat tours.