NYC Attractions With Views That Are To Die For

NYC Attractions With Views That Are To Die For

New York is a great city full of life and great things to do. But even the life sometimes gets to be a little too much. There are those times that you just want some peace and quiet away from the noise in the streets of people having mad fun devoid of your needs. The rooftops are the best for such time. The fact that they provide great views of the city below the sky scrapers they are on is just an added advantage. You probably should be on one when the sun is setting or rising. The colour painted on the sky will be perfect, just like a painting of a talented painter. While there are many loungers on roof tops, few serve actual food. Many concentrate on drinks and cocktails. To get the best New York City attractions (restaurants) that will provide you with food, drink and surreal views of the NYC attractions, below is a list you can refer to.


People relax at Baita NYC

Located at the top of the Flatiron building in New York, Baita is a great restaurant that serves homemade sausages, grilled meat and cask ales brewed on the roof top. This spot, you will be glad to know is open throughout the year with a retractable glass roof to protect from the snow during winter. The fact that the retractable roof is made of glass ensures you still have the same view even when the weather is not conducive to be out in the open. The red metal chairs that complete the design shine beneath the warm summer sun making it irresistible.

From this roof top, the empire state building (one of the greatest tourist places in New York) is visible and an angle you don’t get anywhere else. Imagine biting away perfectly grilled meat, sipping some amazing cocktail with such a view? Priceless!


nyc attractions: alma

They say the best things are seen from a distance. While the city is great and fun, to get the full perspective of what it has to offer, you will have to take a step back, move away from it and view it, with all its glory from afar. Alma provides for this perfect view from a distance. The restaurant is located in Brooklyn. It serves sumptuous Mexican foods on the third floor from where you can perfectly view Manhattan in all its beauty. On its wooden benches, you can clear a delicious plate of shoulder tacos and tacos laced with pineapple salsa as you take in the view of the iconic NYC attractions like the New World Trade center and the Brooklyn Bridge. The restaurant’s tacos are served a salsa sampler and fresh masa tortillas perfect for the sunset view. It is fitted with cooling and heating equipment perfect for cold and hot seasons. It is as such open all year round.

Hotel Americano

Hotel Americano offering a great view

This hotel is ten floors up. It has a pool and lots of lounge space. From this restaurant, you can view uneven heights in all their splendour stretching across the vast city among them being the famous New York attraction, the Chrysler building. It features an alpine grill for protection during the winter and a cool Mediterranean grill for the summer. Its menu is light, fresh and tasteful focusing on tapas and tequila. Just like the crowd that frequents this place, the furniture are sleek and greatly refined.

Penthouse 808

Penthouse 808 with Manhattan view

This is probably the highest situated restaurant there is with a view of the Manhattan skyline and a sunset with perfect glitter. It has great influence from Asian culture, evident from its design and foods. From the couches in the restaurant, views like those of the Queensboro Bridge are visible. Their chairs are perfectly sized and arranged making it easy for you to enjoy the menu featuring creative sushi rolls, grilled pork and pacific chicken katsu. To enjoy the view, it is recommended that you make reservations for dinner or if you are up to it try your luck at the restaurants bar which, needless to say, attracts well-dressed crowds.

STK Rooftop

People dining at STK rooftop New York

Many new Yorkers have branded it the temple of meat and for good reason. The meat in this restaurant is to die for. It has a view of the west side of Manhattan which, to say the least, is perfect. Its quality of food is not compromised and can be enjoyed under the soothing shade of the umbrella and on comfy couches in the open. The lanterns and wooden tables make it slightly casual but in general the atmosphere is fitting for each individual.

There are lots of NYC attractions with great views; after all, New York is flooded with skyscraper. You however, since you cannot visit all spots, have to pick your position on your next New York Visit.