How to Look Local During Your New York City Sightseeing

How Not to Look Like a Tourist When You’re Doing Your New York City Sightseeing

In your hometown or even as you’ve traveled to other places, have you ever picked out a crowd of tourists? It’s often easy to notice people from out of town making their way up and down the streets and at various locations. This is also in the case when people do New York City sightseeing. Because it’s one of the country’s top vacations destinations, tourists are prevalent in the city, and they can stick out like a sore thumb. This can make these out-of-towners victims of theft or other crimes. When you travel to New York, you can avoid these issues.

Look Ahead

This first piece of advice on how to avoid looking like a tourist is a tough one. New York City has the largest collection of skyscrapers in the world. The buildings are impressive, and you’ll want to catch a glimpse of them. The skyline is especially mesmerizing if you come from a smaller city or rural area. When you walk down the street, keep your eyes focused forward. If you want to gaze at the remarkable buildings, get a view from afar.

Walk with a Purpose

As you’re meandering through the streets of the city, act as if you know exactly where you are going. Give the impression that you have somewhere to be. Keep a steady pace and avoid dawdling. New Yorkers walk briskly, so if you don’t keep up, it’ll be easy to pick you out as someone New York City sightseeing.

Plan Ahead

It’ll be much easier to stick to the point above if you organize your schedule and know what’s next on your agenda. Map out all the things you want to do and see while New York City sightseeing, and decide the fastest way to get there. This will help you avoid many of the problems tourists have when they visit the Big Apple.

Be Respectful of the Prices

As you’re shopping in the city and eating in restaurants while New York sightseeing, you may notice higher prices than you’re accustomed to back home. Whatever you do, don’t complain to the staff or to others in the places you’re visiting. Understand before you sit down to eat or before you walk into the shop that things are going to cost more. Enjoy your time and budget accordingly.   You can have a wonderful time sightseeing in New York City. These tips will help you look and feel more at home.