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New York Sights to visit before you Propose

Marriage proposals are needed to be romantic and mind blowing. Most ladies want this but are devoid of the pressure and difficulty guys go through in making the proposal as romantic as possible. So this goes out to all men looking to make their proposals the best. You probably have looked through YouTube videos and have an idea of what you should do. Now all you need is the perfect restaurant do put your plan into effect. We are glad you did not choose any of the other New York sights. Sure they are beautiful and all, but they are cliché. Most the oomph will be taken away by the fact that many who visit NYC and are looking to get engaged have done it on the Statue of Liberty or the Brooklyn Bridge. While these restaurants may not assure you of a ‘yes’ from your loved, they surely will improve your chances.

Iris Café

Iris Café New York City When you are out sightseeing New York, hopefully with your better half, pop into this café and ask for their hand in marriage. It is by far the most ideal spot in New York, with a view of the breath-taking Manhattan skyline and several other New York sights. Before you make plans for this one of a kind cafe, it is best you schedule your date during the day and let the view work its magic. The afternoon menu will also help you reel in the big “yes” for you.

Milk & Roses

Milk & Roses interior decor New York sights to propose The name alone should give you some insight into what you should expect to find in this restaurant. Yes, it’s nothing but milk and roses. It is a romantic spot that will soften any hardened heart – it is the perfect wing man for the guy looking for a “Yes!” to his marriage proposal. Milk & Roses radiates a stress free vibe and will make you feel as though you are in a garden. Everything from its interior décor, lighting and layout has been carefully chosen for that special moment. But it’s not all about the layout and design. Milk and Roses also has a great menu featuring oysters that most people claim to be aphrodisiac. How true is this? You will have to find out for yourself. Make a reservation for you and your special someone and be blown away by the romance in this restaurant. As you make plans to visit this restaurant, one of the best New York sights there is, you should also do some reading on how it came to be. The story is impressive.

Blue Hill

blue-hill If your fiance’ to be is in love, then a NYC trip to this restaurant at Stone Barns will do the trick. You are however recommended, for the purposes of seeing what this New York site has to offer, to reserve your place early. Here you will see just how the food you will eat is grown and harvested. You will have insight on the entirety of the food process helping you enjoy the food. With good food, there is no way you can get a ‘NO’ for your proposal.


Cloisters New York The name is derived from a Latin word ‘claustrum’ meaning enclosure. It is a museum located on the upper sides of was founded back in the year 1938 and designed by Charles Collens one of the best architects of his time. Cloisters, is one of the most beautiful New York sites there is in Fort Tyron Park. Given its beauty and splendour, you expect it to be crowded with tourists all year round, which it is for the most part. But even then, even with the many persons in this New York sight, there still are some quiet spots that you can ask your beloved to spend the rest of her long life with you. From its West Terrace, you have beautiful views of the perfect flowing Hudson River. You might however have to struggle with other tourists to get your photos of the place. To have a much more intimate experience at this spot, you should schedule some time in this destination and on a bench located in Saint Guilhem, one of the few enclosures with limestone columns making it look all the more beautiful. The list of tourist attractions in NYC is numerous and virtually endless. However, with limited time on your visit, you cannot afford to visit them all, and you surely do not expect them to be perfect New York sights for such a romantic gesture.