New York Events to Help Set the Mood this Valentines

New York Events to Help Set the Mood this Valentines

February the 14th is coming up. The day only day on the calendar that is officially for just lovers. Couples use this single day on the calendar to be intimate with their significant other by either getting them gifts or taking them for tours. As such, those in New York are likely to have fun in various New York attractions. But with all the sexiness and love going around, having to wait in line for tickets is a major buzz kill. So to help you out, whether you are part of those who are madly in love with love or just cannot stand the day, we have compiled a list of things to do in New York this Valentine’s Day from romantic restaurants and settings, to off the hook parties to set the mood, or burn the flame even brighter for those who already have got things going.

Never sleep alone

Never sleep alone Finally a show that has been designed to help you hook up. What better wing man, in this case ‘wing show’ could you be looking for? At Joes Pub on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Alex Schiller brings together singles and curious individuals together in a night full of laughter and socio-sensual interaction. She insists that the audience sitting in the singles section be actually single and ready to interact with total strangers. The whole idea is to set the stage for those connections and the all-important mood. So before you leave home for this event, ensure you have your bedroom in order, chances are you will not be sleeping alone. Definitely one of the best New York things to do this love season.

Mind-blowing duets of all time – Love Bites

Mind-blowing duets of all time – Love Bites What better way is there to enjoy and set the mood this Valentine’s day than by listening to hits you love so much? On Friday the 12th, at Joe’s Pub Downtown stars come together to perform some of the best hits like ‘I Got You Babe’ and ‘You Don’t bring me flowers’. This year the show will be hosted by Corn Mo. Performers and Cathy Cervenka.

Musical based on your true love story!

Musical based on your true love story Have you ever watched a movie and at the end noticed them say that it is based on a true story? Such movies have more sentiments and feeling to them. So how about this valentine a Musical is made from a true love story. And guess what? How about it is made from YOUR true love story? Awesome! On the 12th of February at Bell House, Evan and Rebecca interview couples from their audience to get some details on their love stories. Details like how they met, how they fell for each other and some other few major happenings in the relationship. They do this just because they can and yes, because they are Nosey. Moments later they take these little bits and pieces given to them and create an improvised musical complete with a band. There is no better way to get a couple more in love than this.

Love at Times Square on Valentine’s Day

Love at Times Square on Valentine’s Day Being surrounded by people whom you share an interest with, in this case whose who are a lot and are madly in love with their better halves and cannot help but showcase it to the world is a great way to get you inspired to do something totally insane yet romantic with your lover. In New York and at the Times Square specifically (one of the most popular New York attractions there is), lots of couples gather to showcase their love in style on Valentine’s Day. There are those who play out their surprise weeding proposals (that they have been planning for weeks or even months), those who renew their vows to each other and those who actually get wedded.

Get lost under the stars

Get lost under the stars Lying on a beach somewhere watching the vast dark sky with some stars is romantic. But truth be told, the natural sky does not have enough action to keep you entertained. Your creativity can only take you so far. That said, you still can get that feeling and sight, but only with more to see. At the American Museum of Natural History, at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, you will enjoy seeing all bodies the universe has to offer flying in the ‘sky’. You will also enjoy an open bar with drinks that you fancy from champagne to cocktails. You will also be treated to intriguing and insightful love stories of cosmos mythology. This is going down on the 14th of February. If you intend to go on a New York vacation, then this is one of the New York sites you cannot afford to skip. You can express your feelings to your lover any day any time. That said, you cannot possibly let Valentine’s Day just fly by. Try and do something different this year. And since you are in New York, try the above events for a blast. New York attractions to visit this Valentines are plenty but you can still get entertained if you dare enough. View Also: Things to Do in NYC on Valentine's Day