Must-See Bronx Attractions on Your New York City Bus Tours

Must-See Bronx Attractions on Your New York City Bus Tours

  Traveling to the City that Never Sleeps can be intimidating with the never-ending list of attractions to see. When you are planning your trip, be sure to include New York City bus tours. They offer a terrific way to see many attractions for a reasonable fee. Some of the attractions you won’t want to miss while in the Bronx can be found below.

Yankee Stadium

New York is nearly synonymous with the Yankees. For this reason alone, the stadium is a fantastic spot to visit on your bus tour. In fact, if you plan it right, try to catch a game while in the Bronx. Watching America’s favorite sport right here in the Bronx offers a wonderful, memory-making experience.

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo offers a fantastic range of exotic and rare animal exhibits for you and your family to enjoy while vacationing. Be sure to check out the in-depth owl habitat and the Bronx zoo treetop adventure.

New York Botanical Gardens

For those who want a chance at a more natural setting while on their bus tours, the New York Botanical Gardens offer precisely that. In addition to the many different gardens, nature hikes, and tours, you can enjoy shows and events that include art and music. There are five main gardens for you to explore, including a native plant garden, perennial garden, and water lilies and lotuses garden.

Little Italy

If you can’t go to Rome, come to Little Italy! Your New York City bus tours can bring you to Arthur Avenue for a taste of the Italian culture, food, and ambiance. Filled with merchants, restaurants, and events, your visit to the Bronx wouldn’t be complete without coming to Little Italy. Don’t forget to try a slice of real pizza!

Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

Located at the edge of Poe Park, this cottage is one historical landmark you won’t want to miss while taking your New York City bus tour. From 1846 through 1849, Poe spent the last of his life in this cottage. Originally built in 1812, the cottage provided him an outstanding view of the rolling hills that once made up the area. Some works that were created here include “The Cask of Amontillado,” “The Bells,” and “Annabel Lee.” Keep your tour of the Bronx well rounded with a visit to this historical landmark.