4 Must-See Attractions While NYC Sightseeing

4 Must-See Attractions While NYC Sightseeing

must-see nyc attractions As you get ready to plan your New York sightseeing tours, you will likely need to prioritize the attractions you want to admire or at least those you choose to stop at. While you can see a great deal of the city in a short time with the best NYC bus tours, you may want to take advantage of the hop on hop off tours to spend extra time at certain iconic spots. Be sure you check out the following attractions, preferably spending some extra time at them.

Central Park

Central Park is a must-see on New York sightseeing tours just because of its sharp contrast to the rest of the city. While other areas are bustling and filled with activity, Central Park gives residents and tourists a chance to relax. It helps everyone escape from the noise while letting you see another side of the Big Apple. You should definitely take advantage of NYC bus tours hop on hop off options to check out the park when you pass by.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an interesting landmark in New York because while you should definitely see it, not everyone will feel that it is worth the time to get off your New York sightseeing bus and go to the top. The Empire State Building can easily be admired during nearly any bus tour, or you can take a closer look. If you want an amazing view of the city, then definitely go to either the deck on the 86th floor or the observatory on the 102nd one.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Each of the New York highly rated tours will take you past the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but that isn’t enough for many people. As one of the best museums in the world, it is worth stopping to spend at least several hours, if not a full day, at this art museum. There are over two million pieces of art that span 5,000 years’ worth of history, making this a highlight of New York sightseeing tours. Just remember to plan ahead so you make sure you see the pieces you care about the most.

Statue of Liberty

You can’t visit New York without checking out the Statue of Liberty, at least from afar. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to get an amazing view from a bus tour. Instead, look for New York City sightseeing packages that also include a boat tour to take you to Lady Liberty, with the ability to admire other attractions on your way. For more information about these or other attractions you will see on your New York sightseeing tours, contact us.