Most Spectacular Christmas Window Displays In NYC

Most Spectacular Christmas Window Displays In NYC

For six weeks every year towards the end, from around mid-November to the start of January, Christmas windows in New York attract a lot of visitors and deservedly so. They are simply striking, elaborate and distinct. They are perfect workmanship of talented artists who know what pieces work together great. Many who visit NYC have always looked out for these displays. Over the years, there are some stores that have constantly designed windows that leave you glued on to them. Their innovation constantly grew and upgraded with each holiday season. However, several years back, the competition increased and now, holiday displays that are decorated with great taste are not enough to catch the attention of New Yorkers. As such, the holiday decorations have morphed into races involving thousands of people in New York, shoppable, interactive and social media friendly displays with press worthy grand finale releases. Yes it is that serious and yes it is reason enough alongside New York attractions to Visit NYC. You might be on a tight budget on your New York City travel but you still can enjoy your visit to New York all the same with these attractive window displays.

Macy’s Holiday Display Window

Macy’s is probably one of the most popular and best window display there is in NYC. In 2014, they unveiled their Christmas window display on a Thursday night. This happened on sunset and with the some help from the ‘You Can’t Take It With You’, Broadway cast and the screening of the movie ‘Miracle’ on the 34th street. The fact that it is a famous window display causes them to have two variations of window displays. This year when you visit NYC, make a stop at Macy’s Santa land. This is a 13,000 sq. ft. Village (North Pole) complete with live elves and an enchanted forest featuring a huge train display and animated toys.

Saks 5th Ave. Holiday Window Display

visit nyc: holiday window displays This is located close to the Rockefeller Center (one of the most popular NYC tourist attractions there is). It is an iconic shop in itself. The fact that every year it goes all out to create a window display that will have both children and adults in some sort of a spell is an added advantage. The window display is animated, musical and best of all, 3-D. there is a long line of people waiting to catch a glimpse of their complex yet beautiful displays. Waiting in line is not always the best of activities, but this one is worth it – trust me. Sak’s fifth Avenue went out of their way this year to bring New Yorkers and all visitors something special. This year the shop’s annual light show (Land of 1000 Delights will feature a special theme of a captivating landscape of colorful candy and festive fashion.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. In the year 2015, Tiffany’s Christmas window display featured a luxurious heritage with winter scenes tapping inspiration from the small theaters of the 1900s. The landscape created is simply to die for. Visiting this display, you get to see a palace covered in snow, grand sparkling staircases covered in jewels and a sleigh ready to glide into a forest with a deserving queen for a much deserving stag. The spectacle, gets its inspiration from the 1939 world’s fair in New York.


visit nyc: holiday window displays On the long list of New York sights that are a must see, Barneys stands out like a sore thumb. It has always done us proud with its Christmas window displays. This year, they decided to have a 35 ft. ice locker that is fully functional. This will maintain the cool winter temperatures. The creation of the locker has made the use of actual ice a possibility. In partnership with Okamoto studio, Barneys were able to incorporate a live performance into their window display. Dennis Freedman the creative director is a happy guy with the turnout of the display. Sightseeing in New York  is fun. You just have to be open to the possibilities when you visit NYC.