Why Look at the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour NYC Map Before You Board?

Why Look at the Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour NYC Map Before You Board?

New York City is arguably the most exciting city in the world. It is difficult to see everything on your list on any given trip to the city. Taking a bus tour of the Big Apple is one of the best ways to travel around town. It allows you to see the greatest number of sites. Riding around the city on double decker bus is a great alternative to spending hours on end of your vacation wasting time trying to hail cabs or taking long, crowded subway rides.

Catch a Ride and a Tour at the Same Time

A hop on hop off bus tour is the perfect way to combine transportation and sightseeing. It can also save you time and money. You can easily find a hop on hop off option. This will allow you to get on and off the bus at various convenient checkpoints throughout the city.

Plan Your Route

You’ll want to consult an NYC tour bus map before you jump on any random tour bus. While a tour is great for learning about sites and traveling to various destinations around the city at the same time, you still need a game plan. Before you decide on which bus you’d like to get on, take a minute to sit down and plan out your day. Decide on which sites you’d like to see. Also, consider which neighborhoods you’d like to explore. You’ll have plenty of spots to choose from with five boroughs and over 250 plus neighborhoods. However, you should try to stick to two or three areas per day. It may be a good idea to jot these down and make a list of places you want to visit.

Know Where You’re Going

Take your list and compare it to the hop on hop off bus map of NYC. Take your destinations from your list and mark them on the map. Look at which path makes the most sense. Then, choose a bus line that corresponds to this route. Make notes of the bus stops along the way. This will make sure that you can map out your walk to any locations. You don’t want to get lost. This a great way to optimize your day and see as much as possible without the stress of New York City public transportation. While you ride from one neighborhood to the next, you’ll pass by famous sites and buildings and get a guided tour of this world-famous city.