Listing 5 Of The Best Taco Spots in NYC While Holding A Taco

Listing 5 Of The Best Taco Spots in NYC While Holding A Taco

It’s not the most comprehensive list but it’s Taco Tuesday and that’s enough of a reason to post a quick list of amazing taco spots. Why talk about only 5 of the best taco spots in NYC? Well we could only count up to 5 on one hand, and the other hand– well, it’s holding a taco.


best taco spots in nyc: cosme duck carnitas

This place is so well known that even the 44th President of the United States stopped by for some taco noms. But even more important than POTUS grubbing on tacos is that this taco shop offers duck carnitas, a delicious slow-cooked and braised wonder that can easily command peace from a Mexican standoff. Taking these off the menu will freak out all of New York City.

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita

best taco spots in nyc: tacombi fonda nolita

The experience of being served tacos from a vintage Volkswagen van with a roof that pops open like a lid will surely leave an impression, similar to that of eating beachside in the Yúcatan. With a simple menu, you’ve got your tacos, tamales and the occasional tostada, but what they do very well is the Baja-style fish taco. Fresh cod lightly dipped in a tequila-spiked batter, then fried to a crisp will leave you wanting more.

Mission Cantina

best taco spots in nyc: mission cantina tacos
Owner and James Beard Award winner, Danny Bowien, has been successful with his Mexican outpost serving inventive takes on tacos especially the lamb tacos. These Cumin Lamb Tacos are satisfying as they are spectacular. The hype has surely continued for the smoked prune and herbed crema and pork cheek chiapas-style tacos with pickled peppers and dressed cabbage.

La Esquina

best taco spots in nyc: la esquina

Want unique and zesty tacos served in a casual, relaxed environment? This is a gem of a taco shop in the lower east side with a selection of delicious options that are available on the menu.  Choose between the papa, nopales, y chorizo (potatoes, cactus, chorizo and salsa verde), la lengua (veal tongue, crema, guacamole, and black beans),  and the vegetarian (mushrooms, epazote, hominy, onions, rice and black beans). Order from the window and eat it street-style or go inside and have a lively dinner accompanied by some DJ beats.

Los Tacos No. 1


Welcome to the world of Cal-Mex cooking of Southern California. They got the vibe down with the street stall look, only sleeker, and the tacos are served just like they are on the west coast with only four varieties. But don’t let a limited menu fool you, it allows them to offer what they do best, the Adobado, a red-chili-and-vinegar-marinated pork perfection. You’ll find yourself among other taco enthusiasts patiently waiting for the quality and authenticity of this food that will surely surprise you.