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Learn the Essentials of New York Sightseeing

When planning your trip to the Big Apple, there are several things you can do to ensure you have the best of times. Before your New York sightseeing trip, consider spending some time planning what attractions to see. There are many online sites to help you get started, with some offering advanced ticket discounts!

Make Use of Your Rainy Days

New York sightseeing isn’t without a rainy day or two. Instead of sulking about inside, hit up the Rockefeller Center. You can enjoy an extraordinary day taking in the famous architecture. The entire building is a pleasure, right down to its light fixtures. You can also take in one of the more than 150 museums in the area. The exhibits are open to the public, and a wet or cloudy day can help you avoid long lines.

Avoid the Taxis

One of the biggest hits to your wallet can be the expense of all the cab rides to different attractions. Take a minute to map different routes online and consider walking to save money and stay fit. For an even better adventure, try one of the hop on hop off bus tours. This trip can save you money and show you some of the many sights the Big Apple offers. You can enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please while seeing some of the best attractions. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and keep an easy-to-read map with you.

Get Out on the Water

A perfect way to see some of the most popular sights New York offers is by hitting the water. Whether you are taking the Staten Island ferry or a world-famous boat tour, the Statue of Liberty never looks better than with its reflection on the waves. You simply can’t get a better view of the Brooklyn or Manhattan bridge, either. The New York City skyline at dusk is breathtaking from the water.

Make Sure to Visit Central Park

You may think it’s just a city park, but to skip out on seeing this national icon would be a sorry choice indeed. Don’t just hike the trails on foot, though. Consider renting a bike and take in even more territory while you’re exploring. On a bike, you can enjoy an exhilarating day taking in different statues, restaurants, and various attractions along the way.

Travel Light

One mistake a lot of tourists make is to take too many personal belongings while exploring the city. Utilize the safe in your hotel room and only take what you will need for the day. Keep it close on your person and keep an eye on your surroundings when moving about to ensure you aren’t playing an easy victim. Following an easy plan like this can help you enjoy New York sightseeing hassle-free.