Kid’s Friendly Restaurants After a Long Day Sightseeing New York

Kid’s Friendly Restaurants After a Long Day Sightseeing New York

Finding a kids friendly restaurant that is not in a mall can be slightly difficult especially when you are around The Times Square. The presence of Olive Garden, Chevy’s, and Applebee’s can leave you feeling as though you are in the suburbs. But there are just as many things to do in New York City with your kids as there is Adult stuff.  Restaurants are also available; you just need to know where to look while you are sightseeing New York.

Westway Diner



For a long time, it seemed as though it was trapped in an 80’s time loop. In 2014 however, the diner underwent massive reconstructions and makeovers to what it is today. But even with all the changes, the menu, the same one that makes people’s mouth water remained the same. It still features the sumptuous Greek moussaka and souvlaki, delicious salads, sandwiches, burgers, and shakes.

It still does not have kid’s menu, but the diner sees to it that the portions served are large enough to share. The staff is diligent enough to have you in and out as fast as is humanly possible – a fact that makes this dinner loved by some celebrities the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David who have been spotted in this diner.


Outside view of the Carmine's restaurant in New York

It cannot get more family friendly than this. The restaurant is designed with a calming theme and with lights to match. Add to this the Italian delicacies it serves, and you have something incredibly similar to a dinner at your grandma’s house. The fact that they serve Italian cuisine provides a range of familiar items even to the pickiest eater and just might get others to try out new foods.

So when your NYC tour bus lead you to this side of the city (Times Square) pop in and have a different experience with you family.

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen

People eat Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen

If your kids are big fans of Old fashioned American foods, then they will most definitely enjoy what the founding brothers of this joint have to offer. Sure it is a relatively new joint and most people on New York vacation have not had the opportunity to try it out yet, but one thing is for sure, your kids will not have enough of it. Aside from the fact that it is probably the most perfect and most incredible alternative to the Shake Shack, it has great fries, thick tasty shakes, and burgers. You also will find their tacos, mac, and cheese to be a delight.


People dining in Eataly restaurant NYC

When this food market was opened back in 2010, it caused huge and far reaching ripples. It was the topic of discussion, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. It still hasn’t changed; everyone wants to have a bite of their Italian menu. The fact that it is opposite the Madison Square Park makes it a great spot for dinner or lunch with family, kids included. The menu, filled with great food choices ranging from gelato, pasta, bread, coffee, cheese and meat is out of this world.  While sightseeing New York, you can choose to eat in or have your take away, either way, it is not a place your kids will lack food to choose from.

Melt Shop

Melt Shop NYC is a great lunch spot

However you look at it, there is nothing more kids friendly than grilled cheese sandwich, melting and oozing in great taste. If you want a snack to replenish your strength, in between your visit to the various tourist attractions in NYC, this is the place to be. And the best part is that your kids will love it too. Side dishes include tater tots that you can choose to gobble down with tasty milkshakes.

The price perfectly matches the casual foods offered. Something that is very rare in the faced paced and expensive town.

Hill Country Chicken

Hill Country Chicken workers prepairing lunch

With its great décor and perfect home cooking, it easily will turn into your best joint when you visit NYC. It features two different kinds of fried chicken on its menu – sandwiches and chicken tenders. There also are great side dishes including blistered corn salad, carrot slaw, and fried mashed potatoes. If you are into homemade pies and cupcakes, you will definitely love what this joint has to offer.

Traveling with your little ones does not have to be a pain in the behind. With these kid’s friendly restaurants, you have a perfect place to replenish and be on your way sightseeing New York City and enjoy all the fun it has to offer.