Incredibly Romantic Things to Do In New York

Incredibly Romantic Things to Do In New York

Truth be told, New York is known for a whole lot of thing rarely do people commend it for its romantic nature. All the praises in that light go to Paris. While they may be justified to say so, many probably just do not have all the facts. Here is a new truth I should let you in on, New York can be, no scratch that, is insanely romantic. If you are lovers in New York, prepare to be wowed with this list of romantic things to do in New York.

Steve Cohen’s Chamber magic

Couples at Steve Cohen’s Chamber magic If you are a couple into magic, or you feel your love is all magical on your NYC trip, a date with The Millionaires’ magician is your cup of tea. Magic, has a special something that inspires people. Many let loose and turn into kids in wonder and awe when they meet with a skilled magician who defies nature. Meeting Steven Cohen at Waldorf Astoria requires you to be dressed in cocktail attire and stunning. After you witness impossible feats and tricks, you can chill out with your loved one at the bar discussing what you just witnessed. The night will fly by quick – possibly the best night you ever had.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn's Botanic garden is a romantic spot Just one word describes this spot – serene. It is possibly one of the best things to do in New York especially in spring when the trees blossom and the flowers litter the pathways with love. The Botanic Garden was created back in 1910 and spreads on a whopping 52 acres of land. It is so big that it has some special gardens within the garden itself. It have over 10,000 types of plants, all beautiful and many of which you have never laid eyes on.

Top of the empire state building

New York City Empire State Building at night While it is no the tallest Building there is in the New York let alone the World, it still is really tall. At 1,452 ft. above the ground, it is enough to make you gasp standing at the edge of the top deck. The view at this great height is to say the least, breath-taking. One is able to see the whole of New York and its beauty. It is just like you would see it if you were on a NYC helicopter. At night though, this spot transforms into an incredibly romantic point. With all the lights flashing below and away from all the hassle of New York, you and your better half can enjoy some peace and quiet to yourself and just live in that moment.

The Butterfly conservatory

The Butterfly conservatory spot in New York Butterflies are fascinating. Think of when you are walking down the street and a butterfly, without a care in the world flatters just past you – close enough to catch your attention yet far enough to be caught by you. You suddenly feel the urge to follow it around almost devoid of the errands you had to do. Now imagine, not one but thousands of butterflies all in one place. It is magical. Especially given the fact that in the middle of the winter cold, this conservatory is lush and green. It is as though it experiences a climate different from that which affects New York. Here, with your loved one, you can see more than 18,000 species of butterflies (not that you will care to know the different species amidst all the beauty and fascination). Totally a spot you should add to your things to do in New York List.

Central Park’s Bow Bridge

Central Park’s Bow Bridge awesome view You probably saw it in a movie and thought to yourself ‘Wow, I would love to go there with [insert your lovers name]’. And yes, the scene from ‘Autumn in New York’ and ‘Uptown Girls’ was real and not the works of animation or any such related technology. Other than being endearingly romantic, this spot has the ability to inspire an artist so do not hold back, take that picture perfect selfie and filter away.

The Fountain at Lincoln Centre

The Fountain at Lincoln Centre a great romantic spot Fountains if well designed and maintained are perfect for that special moment. You know how you work to set the mood with slow music and dim lights? A fountain at night with faded illumination in the waters is perfect as well. Standing beside one, you could be lost in the moment, in that tender kiss that sends chills down your spine and that you can never forget even when you try to (and why in the world would you want to forget it) The fountain at Lincoln centre is perfect for such a moment. You also might want to stick around for the water shows. After you could head into the centre and enjoy the opera and plays. There are many romantic things to do in New York City. You just have to be open to the idea of romance and seek it out. After all, most of the work to feel the romance will come from you even when on romantic New York vacation.