Hop-Off Here For The Manhattan Skyline On Your Bus Tour!

Hop-Off Here For The Manhattan Skyline On Your Bus Tour!

Plan your Central Park bike tours correctly, and you will be able to see plenty of birds in addition to the gorgeous attractions of the park. There are actually 235 different species of birds found within the park, so keep your eyes peeled. If you plan on looking at birds, don’t forget to bring along binoculars. Also, ensure the camera you bring has a quick shutter speed. To get the most out of your birdwatching in the park, check out these spots.

The Ramble

The Ramble is the most popular area of Central Park for bird watching. For convenience, you may want to lock up your Central Park bike rental before venturing within. In the fall, you will spot cedar waxwings and northern flickers. In the spring, the warblers are migrating through the area. If you want to check out more woodlands after the Ramble on your Central Park bike tours, head to the North Woods. However, there are fewer birds there. You can also check out Hallett Sanctuary, but expect even fewer birds and limited hours.

The Reservoir

If you take advantage of Central Park bike tours in the winter, be sure to head to the Reservoir for your birdwatching. You will find plenty of waterfowl, including mergansers and ruddy ducks in addition to occasional American pigeons, green-winged teals, and ring-necked ducks. In addition to the birds on the water, you will also spot grackles opening acorns in the oak trees. In the spring, these trees are filled with warblers. Because of the large water body, you may get lucky and spot an occasional rare bird like a glaucous gull.

Summit Rock

Lock up your cheap bike rental at the bottom of Summit Rock and get ready for an easy climb. This rock is by the Ramble, and once you climb the rock formation, you will get an even better perspective of the park and the birds. With a 360-degree view, you could sit and watch the birds for as long as you want, setting your sights on the treetops. If you get the chance, visit this spot in spring to watch migrations.   Although the best time for bird watching in the area is spring, Central Park bike tours will give you the chance to admire birds any time of the year.