Historic Events You Might Learn About on an NYC Tour Bus

Historic Events You Might Learn About on an NYC Tour Bus

An NYC tour bus is an excellent way to see the city from different angles and corners. The city has a full 300 years of history. Therefore, many of its attractions and monuments have an entire story behind them that you might learn about on your NYC tour bus. Here are some of the sights you should visit or pay attention to if you want to learn about New York City’s historical events.

Statue of Liberty

If you take advantage of a liberty cruise that comes in your multi-day NYC tour bus pass, you will be able to get a close up of Lady Liberty. You can also learn interesting facts about her and Ellis Island. France gave the Statue of Liberty to the United States in 1886 in honor of the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. Ellis Island was a massive immigration hub back in the twentieth century. More than 12 million immigrants made their way to the US there. Over nine million received American citizenship.

9/11 Memorial

You can take the downtown route on your NYC tour bus and head to the 9/11 Memorial. It is right next to Wall Street. In 2001, on September 11, the World Trade Center was destroyed during a terrorist attack. It killed approximately 3,000 people. Although the New York stock market closed for a record amount of four days after the attack, it opened back up to symbolize the country’s strength. Today, the 9/11 Memorial represents and honors the people killed in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is accessible by taking the uptown NYC tour bus route. It is at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, which is close to the upper west side of Central Park. It hosts incredible structures and art. Construction in the cathedral began in 1892 but was never completed. Today, the 601-foot long cathedral hosts a variety of art exhibitions inside its large art studio.