Go Thrifting on Your New York Bus Tour

As you might know, many things in New York City are expensive. However, by scheduling the right New York bus tour, you can stop at stores with incredible bargains. Locals and people who visit the Big Apple frequently know where to go, so if you know someone, ask. If not, you can use the suggestions provided. Ultimately, you will have an easier time planning your New York bus tour. You can even get a New York City sightseeing map and then research thrifty stores along the route. For instance, with a hop on hop off New York tour, the bus makes a loop either Downtown, Midtown, or Uptown. Based on the area you want to visit, you can schedule a tour and find the best places to shop without spending a significant amount of money.

Thrifty Shopping

  • Frankie Shop – Although it’s not a large shop, it has a convenient location that coordinates with most bus tours in NYC. This store is also a great place to find stylish women’s clothing and accessories at bargain prices.
  • N.A. – Another favorite hot boutique for women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, you will discover unique pieces designed by local and up-and-coming designers without designer prices. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, this is an excellent consideration.
  • Fishs Eddy – For a mish-mash of items, including glass and dishware, vintage and funky clothing, electronics, and more, many New York tour bus will go right past this shop with its Broadway address.
  • Housing Works Bookstore and Café – Not only will you find a vast selection of books at this store, but there’s also a fully-stocked café. If you take a hop on hop off bus in NYC, you could get off near this store, go inside to grab a bite to eat, and do some more shopping. When you’re finished, get back on the bus at the scheduled time and location.
  • Pearl River Market – For a unique experience while sightseeing NYC, you want to stop by this store. Spread out over three floors, the Pearl River Market specializes in Chinese clothing, accessories, furniture, housewares, and more, all at affordable prices.
There are many places to go in NYC where you can find incredible bargains. The most convenient, safest, and economical way to get around is by using a New York bus tour.