Get Brunch at These Hot Spots During Your New York Bus Tour

Get Brunch at One of these Hot Spots During Your New York Bus Tour

Brunch – is it breakfast or is it lunch? No one really knows. But that doesn’t stop brunch from being a hot topic and trendy food genre in downtown New York. If you are planning on enjoying a New York bus tour during the morning or afternoon hours, you owe it to yourself to prepare. Here’s a list of some of the many hot spots to look for as you search for places to go in NYC for a delicious brunch.

Queens Comfort

If you love mac and cheese, Queens Comfort is a dream come true. This eatery’s menu features deep-fried mac and cheese balls, breakfast lasagna Benedict, and deep-fried French toast balls. As the name suggests, this eatery offers the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch comfort food for anyone passing through on a double decker bus NYC tour.


Located in East Village, Veselka is a great place to go while sightseeing in New York when you need a pick-me-up. The locals argue this Ukrainian diner is one of the most comforting places in all of Lower Manhattan. While the brunch menu only runs until 4 p.m., you can order dishes like salmon latke eggs Benedict and a lamb burger all day. So, you could enjoy a brunch-style meal at 4 a.m. if you wanted to.


Any local would agree that no New York bus tour is complete without a trip to Buvette for a plate of steamed eggs with prosciutto. Made using the bistro’s espresso machine wand, the eggs are light, fluffy, and arguably some of the best available in NYC. With a small, café-style interior, Buvette is the perfect place for a date while you and your honey finish sightseeing in New York.

House of Small Wonder

This secret garden-style café is one of the best-kept secrets among NYC locals who enjoy a tasty brunch meal. What really makes this café unique is the Japanese dishes offered in perfect combination with traditional brunch dishes. Don’t wait until too late in the day to visit. It sells out of the best dishes quickly on a daily basis! As you can imagine, this list only begins to scratch the surface of places to go in NYC when you’re craving a brunch meal. An individual touring NYC could eat brunch at a different eatery every day for a very long time before eating at the same place twice.