A Geek’s Guide of Things To Do In New York

A Geek’s Guide of Things To Do In New York

The word “Geek” technically means someone who is socially inept or unpopular, but it’s grown to mean something entirely different in the modern world. In the 90’s and early 2000’s the geek was the guy who got bullied and picked on, but today the word is almost entirely synonymous with pop culture. Geeks pulled a full 180 degree turn, and now rule the world. Intelligence became attractive, and now things like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC are at the center of western culture.

These properties rake in unfathomable amounts of money every year from movies and merchandise, and the fan base has never been larger. With that in mind, it isn’t at all surprising that the world’s capital has a lot to offer in terms of pop culture. So without further ado, we give you our list of things to do in New York for geeks.


The Daily Bugle 

Spider-Man is one of those characters that have been rebooted so much that watching Uncle Ben die is actually somewhat exhausting. Every franchise had it’s strengths and weaknesses, but the original Sam Raimi trilogy is considered a classic by most true believers (except for Spider-Man 3. We don’t talk about Spider-Man 3.)

Believe it or not, Peter Parker’s day time work place, the Daily Bugle, was portrayed in the movies by the famous Flat Iron Building. On 175 5th Avenue, you’ll find this iconic building that doubled as the HQ for J. Jonah Jameson’s infamous tabloid newspaper.


Firehouse, Hook and Ladder

Who ya gonna call? This little building may look unassuming to the uninitiated, but the bonafide geeks among us will recognize this as the headquarters of the Ghostbusters! Ivan Reitman’s masterpiece has a special place in the hearts of nerds everywhere, and if you’re looking for things to do in New York, you can’t afford not to visit 14 North Moore Street and see this iconic building for yourself.


Midtown Comics 

Geek culture is such a broad thing these days. There are so many fandoms that you could easily have your hands full with television shows and movies, but one of the biggest, original staples for geeks is their love of comic books. Not all geeks like reading comic books, but it’s a classic geek pass time that is still loved by geeks everywhere.

If you’re one of the geeks that can’t get enough comics, you must visit Midtown Comics. It’s one of the biggest and most popular comic book stores in New York City, and the selection is absolutely massive.


The Way Station

If there’s one bar in NYC that every Geek needs to visit, it’s The Way Station. You must be 21 or older to enter, but it isn’t just any bar. It’s easily one of the biggest sources of nerdvana in New York City because of it’s memorabilia and cleverly named drinks laced with obscure puns that only the nerdiest customers will pick up on.

The fun does’t stop there. The Way Station has events almost every week, ranging from movie nights to nerd trivia competitions. If you’re one of the many geeks in NYC just looking for a drink, there couldn’t be a better place to visit.

New York City is a massive, dense city with a lot of creativity and a thriving culture. It has hundreds of fantastic places for nerds to visit, but these are our favorites. If you’re visiting, be sure to to do your research so you don’t miss out on anything. Better yet, visit one of these places, make some new friends, and get the details on upcoming events and nerd hot spots. You’ll have some new things to do in New York and maybe even a few new people to do it with!