Five Ways to Make the Best of NYC Bus Tours on a Rainy Day

Five Ways to Make the Best of NYC Bus Tours on a Rainy Day

For many people, the thought of it raining while on vacation can easily ruin the day, turning what would have been a fun-filled adventure into a miserable affair. With the best NYC bus tours, however, some showers – or even a downpour – aren’t going to ruin the attractions of the Big Apple. While you may have to adjust your plans slightly, you can still enjoy your full NYC attraction packages.

Hop off for a While

When it starts raining during your double decker bus tour in NYC, take a look at the sky or the weather forecast. If you think it is going to stop in a few hours, take a look at your hop on hop off bus NYC map to see what attractions you are close to. Consider hopping off and spending a few hours exploring a nearby museum. Or eat at a nearby restaurant until the rain dies down a little bit.

Take Advantage of Free Ponchos

The best NYC bus tours know that rain comes unexpectedly and will have courtesy ponchos on hand. Just put on one of the complimentary ponchos and stay dry while enjoying all the attractions you pass. If you know ahead of time that it is going to rain, consider bringing along a lightweight raincoat so you will be more comfortable while on the New York sightseeing bus.

Sit on the Lower Level

If rain threatens your day, consider going downstairs. After all, a double decker bus tour NYC will have a fully-enclosed lower level and an open top level. This means no rain will get you once you go to the bottom level, and you will still get to see the sights and hear the tour guide.

Get a Hot Drink

In the case of rainy days that make the city feel colder, hop off your best NYC tours for long enough to buy a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate. Once you hop back on in a little bit, you will have a hot drink to keep you warm.

Enjoy the Emptier Bus

While enjoying your NYC attraction packages in the rain, you will get to take advantage of the fact that the bus is emptier. While you can still enjoy the sights and information in the rain, not everyone will want to. This gives you the choice of seats and fewer obstacles in your sightlines while admiring attractions. We can’t control the weather, but we can ensure you have one of the best NYC bus tours possible when you book with us.