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What to Expect from NYC Boat Tours

Water tours cruise in NYC NYC boat tours can be an important part of your visit to the Big Apple. To help you plan your trip around the city, it helps to have a better idea of what to expect from your tour. During the trip, you will get to see a range of attractions from a different angle than you would on land and not have to deal with traffic. The exact details of your boat tour will depend on the company you take one with, but all have some features in common.

What You Will See

During your NYC boat tours, you will see a range of important New York attractions that those from around the world will instantly recognize. The most exciting of these for most tourists is the Statue of Liberty. In fact, many boat tours are named after Lady Liberty as a nod to this main attraction. Because the boat will approach and depart the area slowly, you should expect to get amazing views of the Statue of Liberty unlike those you would see in any other way. In addition to seeing the statue, you should expect to get amazing views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, allowing a different perspective than you receive when driving across them. Just some of the other attractions you should expect to see during NYC boat tours include Battery Park, the South Street Seaport, Wall Street, and the World Trade Center.

How Long It Will Take

When planning your NYC boat tours, you should expect an entire round trip to take around an hour and a half. This is long enough to get a good look at everything you will pass but still short enough to easily fit into other activities within the same day. Expect very frequent boat departures, at least every two hours. If you are going on one of the better NYC boat tours, you should anticipate the option to get off the boat in the middle once you have gone to your destination. The full route takes you from Slip 5, which is downtown by Battery Park, all the way to Pier 79, which is in Midtown West, and then back. You can choose to pause at Pier 79 and take the next boat back if you want to explore the area.

Expect Relaxation, Photos, and New Views of Attractions

Of course, NYC boat tours give you everything that other types of tours in the city will deliver. Expect to learn more about the attractions you pass, meet new people, and get breathtaking views. Because the boat tour goes there and back, you will pass every attraction twice, giving you a second chance to snap a picture or simply admire it. Make the most of NYC boat tours and buy your tickets today.