Things To Know About Broadway Theatre and Your Tour Bus

Everything You Need To Know About Broadway Theatre and Your Tour Bus

A significant portion of the glamour people associate with New York can be more precisely identified with the city's theatre scene, a section of the city very accessible from a Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus. Top-tier Broadway shows are considered the absolute peak of entertainment and culture, and seeing a long-running Broadway show constitutes a special New York pleasure. Broadway theatre is also considered to be one of the foremost centers of commercial theatre in the world, along with the London West-End theatre. The term "Broadway" refers to the 41 establishments from the Theatre District until Lincoln Center large enough to seat an audience of 500 people or more. The Theatre District lies in central midtown while Lincoln Center is located at 66th street, both highly accessible from Hop-On Hop-Off bus stops. Smaller theatres are referred to as "Off-Broadway", the term itself having less to do with the location of the theatre, and more to do with the size. Many "Broadway" theatres are not located on Broadway the street. Some Broadway shows have been running for many years without interruption, implying thousands of performances! Some of these classics include titles like The Phantom Of The Opera (12,270 performances), Chicago (8,595 performances), The Lion King (8,197 performances), and Wicked (5,730 performances). All these shows are still being performed today, and have become inextricable parts of Broadway theatre and New York culture. Experiencing one of them is certainly an indispensable part of any New York tour! Lincoln Center is considered New York's center for higher performing arts. The complex serves as the permanent artistic residence of prestigious ensembles like the New York Philharmonic, the New York Ballet, The Metropolitan Opera, and the Juilliard School. These institutions of performance represent the highest quality of culture which New York has to offer, and contribute significantly towards New York's status as a global center of culture and art. If you're here for any amount of time make sure to Hop-off the bus and catch a show!