Essential Guide to Your One-Day Tour of New York

Essential Guide to Your One-Day Tour of New York

There is simply a never-ending list of sights, attractions, and different things to do while you are visiting the Big Apple. It can seem impossible to plan a one-day tour of New York. If you are headed out and looking for a condensed version of touring the world-famous metropolis, consider the following tips:

Get a 24-Hour Pass

You can get access to Uptown and Downtown hop on hop off bus tours as well as non-stop Brooklyn and night tours. With one fee, you can have a safe, efficient way to tour the entire city. Take some time to plan, and you will be amazed at the number of famous attractions you are able to visit simply by using your 24-hour pass.

Sites You Will See

Head over to Chinatown and take a long look at the Empire State Building on the same day. You can go see a show in the Theater District and then head to the World Trade Center Memorial. The entire downtown area is easier to access when you consider a 24-hour all city pass. You will visit the Uptown area and see Dakota Apartments, where the famous John Lennon once lived, Central Park, and the Museum of Natural History. Go see some amazing comedy at the Apollo Theater, and take in the art and culture of the prestigious Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museums. You can add the Museum of the City of New York, The Frick, and more to round out your one-day tour of New York City.

Pack a Bag

You don’t want to have to carry luggage on your one-day tour of New York City, but even if you don’t, you should pack a few things for the ride. Pockets can provide enough room for a little cash to pick up souvenirs from vendors who may not accept a card. Don’t forget to take your ID and funds for shopping and other excursions. Look ahead at the weather so you can plan accordingly and be as comfortable as possible while checking out the attractions. Take a small umbrella if it looks like it is going to rain or put on some sunscreen and take chapstick if it looks sunny. With a little planning ahead of time and the assistance of a 24-hour tour pass, you can see the best New York attractions even on a short one-day tour. If you have questions about these tours, feel free to contact our helpful team.