Electronic Music Venues to Go to On Your NYC Night Bus Tour

Electronic Music Venues to Go to During Your NYC Night Bus Tour

The club scene in New York City has a long history. So, if you are trying to go dance to some electronic music after your NYC night bus tour, you will have plenty of options to choose from. That can make picking a venue quite overwhelming, but here are some of the best electronic music venues for you.

Bossa Nova Civic Club

This electronic dance club is amongst the best in the entire city. Therefore, it’s definitely worth a visit after your NYC night bus tour. It is a “tropical fantasy” dance club and is really famous for its incredible sound system and great music lineup. Some of the best electronic house DJs have performed at Bossa Nova. These include Jamie XX, Mike Simonetti, Adam X, and Heather Heart. You might also be able to catch Ron Morelli, Reade Truth, or Marcos Cabral.

Good Room

The Good Room is another popular electronic music venue in New York City. It opened its doors in 2014. It has a gigantic square bar and a small stage for various performances. Although it’s on the smaller side, the Good Room is very popular amongst locals. It’s a perfect place for you to go to after your NYC night bus tour.


This electronic music venue is a multi-room dance club in the heart of Williamsburg. It is truly committed to house and techno and features some of the best DJs in the electronic music scene. Although it’s very crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, it is definitely a place you need to go to.


The OAK is one of the most popular New York nightclubs. The club has beautiful interior décor, making it one of the favorite spots in town for celebrities and models to frequent. With leather banquette seating areas and oak-lined ceilings, this club will leave you amazed by its vibe and scenery. However, door policy is very strict, so it can be hard to get in.