Eating Establishments to Visit When Sightseeing in New York

Don’t Pass up These Manhattan Eating Establishments When Sightseeing in New York

When you take a vacation to New York City, you’ve got a lot on your plate. But don’t neglect deciding where to put food on that plate. You need a tasty, filling meal at an excellent restaurant after a long day of sightseeing in New York. If you plan on being in Manhattan around lunchtime or for dinner, there are many great options to choose from no matter what preferences you have. No excursion to the Big Apple is complete without prime eating at a top-notch establishment.

Go to Burger & Lobster While Sightseeing in New York

The name alone speaks of what some may consider a curious combination. But if you love this style of food, then Burger & Lobster at 39 West 19th Street won’t disappoint. Not only will love the taste, but you’ll appreciate the serving sizes. This restaurant also offers one of the simplest menus you’ll find while sightseeing in New York. You won’t have a lot of confusion when you come here. Also, you’ll enjoy the Beast, which includes lobster meat. The fresh side salads are a nice supplement to the burgers, seafood, and fries.

Jacob’s Pickles

It may have a funny name, but this restaurant is nothing to laugh about. If you’re looking for comfort food to end you day of sightseeing in New York, then Jacob’s Pickles is the perfect place for you. Featuring everything from Southern delights to traditional American favorites, this establishment features large serving sizes and an enjoyable atmosphere. You can’t get enough of the gravy or the biscuits, either.

The Smith

It’s easy to think of stopping at a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but it’s important to get your day of sightseeing in New York off to a good start. If you’re looking for a hearty, filling breakfast, take a look at The Smith. Found at 956 2nd Avenue, this popular eatery specializes in eggs, French toast, croissants, and more. Customers rave about the service, and the prices won’t break your eating budget.


When you want to spend a little more time, and if you’ve got a little more to spend at an upscale restaurant, give Amelie a try. This French wine bar will exceed your expectations of selection, ambiance, and taste. The restaurant has many of the typical French dishes you’d expect, such as escargot, duck, and goat cheese balls. Make this place a part of your sightseeing in New York experience. New York has numerous outstanding restaurants. Your sightseeing excursion will be even better when you choose one of these places.